Failed reality checks >.< (10'#1)

So I’m kind of new here :grin:
Lucid Dreaming seemed very interesting to me, I tried Lucid Dreaming sice a few days ago (all failed -.-)

So last night I tried the MILD method, stuff happened, I saw images and thoughts, but was too conscious for it to become larger… anyway that’s all unimportant now

So I was dreaming of school (something I haven’t dream for a long time) and somewhere in my dream I had a chance to do reality checks :rc:

I tried to put my hand through my hand, didn’t work. So I tried levitating, failed also. I even tried pinching myself, some reason, felt the pain. :bored:

So after that, stuff happened, I woke up and I was like, “That was a dream?!” :panic:
So my only theory is that I was so convinced it was real that time that I made my mind make all those fail… >.<

i would have tried holding my breath, but I wasn’t thinking of that that time

But there’s always a next time! :good:

There’s a lot of reasons why a reality check can fail. Mostly it’s because people haven’t followed the real life RC by the thought that they’re in real life or so. Sometimes RC’s just don’t work. XD
I know someone had a dream about me where they made me do my (amazingly real) RCs (pinching my nose and looking at my hand) and in his dream both lead us to believe we weren’t dreaming. Sometimes RC’s fail, sometimes they work. I’ve pinched my nose in a few dreams, be able to breathe and -still- thought I was in waking life. But yeah, these things happen and I’m sure you just gotta keep remembering that they’re not meant to in dreams. XD

I hate that! It’s not fun, but it happens. I’ve thought about lucid dreaming in a dream and I didn’t even do a RC! :ack:

You’re doing RCs in dreams though, that means you’re closer to a LD!

Its because you hardly believe that you are going to levitate/not hurt/etc. Its all about being confident, forgetting the laws of physics and feeling like you are a god.
That`s all, just believe it.

For example, there are many techniques to help you fly. One of them is superman-style. Why do you think it exists? The answer is: TO MAKE YOU BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN FLY. I am not sure if you can understand me. Just BELIEVE in yourself.

Like has been said, every time you do an RC you have to expect it to work. Dreams are based on expectation; if you think the RC will show you are awake, it will show you are awake.

Having said that, the RC’s you tried have been known to show the wrong answer from time to time. The one that hasbeen most reliable for me is plugging your nose with your fingers and trying to breath. Since your RL is going to breath and it doesn’t have anything blocking the nostrils, it is more likely to show correctly when you are dreaming or not.

i personally like the term “pinching” you nose, not plugging it.
mainly because it reminds me of someone picking their nose >_<

anyways, you always have to know subconsciously that in a dream, your RC’s will work, but when you in your physical reality, they wont.
simply by knowing this, it can help.

personally, I have had the worst luck with pinching my nose…

when i first started doing my reality checks, the only ones i would do are the finger through the hand. Eventually i started doing that in my dream. But whenever i did, it would never go through and i would never become lucid :sad: I heard that breathing through the closed one works well and in a few days i had become lucid because that one worked. But i still haven’t been able to get fully aware lucid dreams, but now that i’m back into lucid dreaming and i’m not as busy i will work my way to it:D

You know… I’ve realized that RCs aren’t very helpful to me…
But going over my dream signs and getting a better grasp on what is real and what isn’t has really helped; in fact, in my last LD, I didn’t even do an RC to become lucid, I just saw some weird stuff and shot up into the air because I knew none of it could be real.

In every lucid dream I had i become lucid because of RC… Mostly looking at my hands, but sometimes I do the thing with nose, just to be sure…

But never become lucid by dream signs, and I’m pretty angry about that, just because last night I had this dream, and there were dozens of signs that could make me lucid, but I don’t put to much effort in DS, so that the problem I guess…

Gotta work on that! :happy:

I don’t necessarily have any re-occuring dream signs, I just have a good grasp on what is real and what isn’t I guess…

That’s what I need, almost everything seems normal to me… :happy:

Thats better then my fail. I did a successful RC in a dream once but i still thought it was real life and kept going with the dream! 0_0

:rc: Before I found this site my RC were just jumping. I knew if I kept going up it was a dream. I didnt know it was a practiced technique or even called a RC because I knew nothing about the subject or that lots of other people did it often. Just thought it was a peculiarity about me that I shldnt mention a whole lot as the few people I did try and ask about it treated me like I was barking mad!! :roll:
I had just worked out myself that I often ended up close to the ceiling in these odd dream experiences so learnt to try and do it at will to calm myself and acknowledge it was a dream. Since coming on here I have learnt lots of other methods, some work for me some dont. The floating one always works so far, the other one is looking at my hands, I never heard that before but decided I would use it if I got the chance, I looked and whi8st I didnt see 6 complete fingers I saw 5 1/2, I knew that wasnt usual so it must be a dream.
Pinching yourself and feeling the pain within a dream has come up a lot. Ive read on here that for a lot of people this just doesnt work and its common to feel the pain but still be dreaming. Dont know why its just what others have said.
You can come up with your own, something you relate to NL/RL and if it works within the dream post it on here, it may help someone else. I dont think there are any hard and fast rules its individual and personal to the dreamer. I guess some techniques work so well they have become basic RC for those who dont know any and end up being well known and well used by the LD community. If you absolutely cannot perform a RC that works in the dream and cant recall one that time, look around at your surroundings. You will find that almost always there is something unusual that couldnt possibly be anyting else but a dream. For me it was as simple as looking at my hoover!!! :content: Even if everything around me looks exactly as in RL/NL my hoover does not, stupid I know but it always has a face. Not the same face but any face will do for me since I know absolutely that my hoover has not got any kind of face at all in WL. :lol: Hope that is of some use!