Falling asleep with eyes open -EILD

Tried this yesterday and and think I can get it to work with some practice. What happened yesterday, was that I started to have small fractions of dreams while lying there with my eyes open. After I’d had about 4 or 5 of these short dreams, I fell asleep, so I’m gonna try one more time tonight and try to be really aware of the stage where I start having these small dreams.

yes, but I just started this like five days ago. I recalled one dream pretty well tonight.

I tried this method again last night and I did manage to see HI,but at this point it was very hard keeping my eyes open so I fell asleep.I’ll try it again tonight :content:

By the way Shake, This isn’t really a WILD attempt, we’re just trying to fall asleep with our eyes open. If you have a recall of your dreams, you should have a better counciousness/awareness in the dream which greatly helps become lucid.

oh.Well,I think it still can be used as WILD because keeping your eyes open keeps your mind busy

Could this be unhealthy?

How so?

I tried this last night and had a problem of my eyes feeling dry and getting stuff in them. (I keep my windows open so there is a slight breeze) Gonna try again tonight with my airsoft goggles on. Hopefully I can get farther along.

I’m just asking. Some people here describe their eyes getting dry or stuff getting in them. Maybe this is unhealthy, I don’t know.

I would really like to try it out. I just want to be safe.

You close your eyes autiomaticly as you fall asleep (Right?).

(Don’t say anything about not posting in an old topic, this is an interesting one)

I should really find that podcast that Told me about it, but it’s mainly about keeping your eyes open ( don’t strain them until they go dry) until the moment you fall asleep, It’s actually alot how FILD works, keeping you’re Cerabellum active in your brain until the last second when you fall asleep and you get more of a sense of conciousness in your dream.

Infact, im gonna try and find that podcast.

EDIT: Found it

stevepavlina.com/podcasts/Pa … eaming.mp3

It’s about 3/4 of the way in.

Sweet :happy: Thanks.

Yuck, I hate those amature podcasters, they speak so… fony.
Why can’t people just speak normal, As if you’re having a conversation? It’s like they’re reading lines from a paper.

Yea lol, But her technique is very intresting, which is why i created this, and since I had a very similar experience, I bet it could be publicised (is that a word:P )a little more.;

hey dudes!! YOU MUST BLINK while you do this technique okay? I can’t be bothered to explain why though.

I think this is a really intresting technique and I will try this. Maybe you should combine it with WBTB because I think it´s easier for you to fall asleep faster.

And a question: Should the room have some dimmed light on or totally dark? ( sorry if the answer was posted before )

Thank you…

I’m running into the problem of my eyes being so tired and filled with sleep that I have to blink about twice a second to keep them open. In this state it is impossible to fall asleep. Any tips?

I believe this worked last night, I had trouble sleeping, it was 2:45 and I was hallucinating :, needed a wayto fall asleep, I tried this technique for a few minuites, then turned over and must of fell asleep, the next thing I knew consciously, I was in my room standing up, I was like… Ok, I must be dreaming… I was in my bed a second ago, Did a reality check and…hey, whad’ya know… It’s a dream :happy: Average vividness and it lasted 40 minuites. I believe that you have to do this tech for a little bit, then eventually your eyes will become so heavy that when you close your eyes, you will fall asleep really quickly, the next thing you should realize is that you’re in a dream. My ld was similar to a LD, I woke up at 2:45, but I’ve already done this tech first time I went to sleep.

I don’t think it matters how dark it is, but I would think the darker the better.

i’ll leave a detailed answer tommrow

Oops Double post :tongue:

Sweet :razz:

I’m going to help my buddy Altheman9993 and try this tonight! Awesome LD by the way Altheman!