Falling asleep with eyes open -EILD

I remember hearing a podcast about Lucid Dreaming, a woman tells you how to increase your conciousness in dreams, you lie on your bed with your eyes open until you fall asleep. Well when I did my LD, I did normal Autosuggestion but I remember doing it really half ass’d saying it twice then just lying there looking at the ceiling thinking about things that had happend during the day, next thing i knew i was in a dream. It felt weird and All of a sudden I wasn’t tired, that’s when my dream begun and I became instantly Lucid, I was really aware of what was going on.

I’m going to start trying this way out every night, It could be a new method, or a mix of two.

Your thoughts on this method would be truly helpful because I can’t find anything about it on the internet.

Well after trying last night, i think I must of closed my eyes and fell asleep so I believe I failed. Since i’ve only ever done this tech once, it coulda just been luck or the circumstances just happend to be right, but I’ve decided to write a little small guide on how to do it.

1.)Well, there isn’t much preparation needed, but try to have something on your mind that you could think about for quite a while, like what you did today.

2.) Go to bed, once you’re comfortable simply say “I’ll have a Lucid dream” a few times (1-4 times) in your head

Now at this point, you need to get really tired. if you didn’t have much sleep the other night then you will probably drop off very soon. But if you’re rather awake (not trying to be sick or anything) you could try masturbation as that is a way to fall asleep very fast.

3.)Now, once you’re tired, lie back facing upwards. Don’t strain your neck, just lie normally.

4.)Our main objective here is too fall asleep with our eyes open. Just simply lie back with your eyes open, you can blink if you need to, but keep them open. After a while, they should get tired and will want to stay closed. Just keep them open, but at the same time, try to daydream. Think about what ever you want (preferably lucid dreaming as it could help the Autosuggestion that we did at the start).

5.) During your daydreaming, you might slip into a trance where you think about something so intense, if you are really tired your body has probably fell asleep

6.) Well, what happend to me here was that I was in a dream, but I thought it was still real. So while doing this tech, keep an eye out for anything unsual, because you might of slipped into a dream without realising it.

7.) Now you’re in a dream, you should be instantly Lucid. Since you fell asleep with your eyes open, you have more of a hightend awareness in the dream & you used Autosuggestion. Do a reality check just to make sure.

I’m not sure if this method actually worked, It was by pure chance that I did this and I remmeber just suddenly being in a lucid dream. The only factors that I didn’t mention that were present in what I did was that -

.I was hot
.I didn’t sleep with any covers
.It took me around 45 minuites to sleep

I’m going to be testing this method every night, I’ll post back giving results.

This looks like an interesting technique, I might try it

From my limited knowledge about lucid dreaming- that seems like it may work! That would be a mighty coincidence if you just happened to have an LD when you tried it, and plus you can’t hope for it to work every single time.

I should try that sometime, although I have enough trouble sleeping with my eyes closed. =/

Looking forward to hearing about your results!

I’ll definetly be trying this one out tonight, even if I am just a novice. :o


I’m still working on my dream recall before I try to induce lucid dreams. Last night I didn’t remember a single dream, so I’m quite disappointed about that. D=

Although, it could have been because I only had like three hours of sleep last night. =/

to ImmortalxMurder: do you keep your dream diary?

I tried this technique last night, I lay there for half an hour trying to daydream, and found my eyes felt a bit dry, and I didn’t feel any different, so I thought “Sod this” and turned over and went to sleep normally.


I was tired and stressed, so could you blame me? :happy:

Well, sorry to hear that it didn’t work out, Thanks for testing it however.

I tried it also.I could feel my body went numb and I felt like I was spinning,but that’s about it.I couldn’t focus on the daydreaming part with my eyes open.I’m gonna try it again tonight

Tried this yesterday and and think I can get it to work with some practice. What happened yesterday, was that I started to have small fractions of dreams while lying there with my eyes open. After I’d had about 4 or 5 of these short dreams, I fell asleep, so I’m gonna try one more time tonight and try to be really aware of the stage where I start having these small dreams.

yes, but I just started this like five days ago. I recalled one dream pretty well tonight.

I tried this method again last night and I did manage to see HI,but at this point it was very hard keeping my eyes open so I fell asleep.I’ll try it again tonight :content:

By the way Shake, This isn’t really a WILD attempt, we’re just trying to fall asleep with our eyes open. If you have a recall of your dreams, you should have a better counciousness/awareness in the dream which greatly helps become lucid.

oh.Well,I think it still can be used as WILD because keeping your eyes open keeps your mind busy

Could this be unhealthy?

How so?

I tried this last night and had a problem of my eyes feeling dry and getting stuff in them. (I keep my windows open so there is a slight breeze) Gonna try again tonight with my airsoft goggles on. Hopefully I can get farther along.

I’m just asking. Some people here describe their eyes getting dry or stuff getting in them. Maybe this is unhealthy, I don’t know.

I would really like to try it out. I just want to be safe.

You close your eyes autiomaticly as you fall asleep (Right?).

(Don’t say anything about not posting in an old topic, this is an interesting one)

I should really find that podcast that Told me about it, but it’s mainly about keeping your eyes open ( don’t strain them until they go dry) until the moment you fall asleep, It’s actually alot how FILD works, keeping you’re Cerabellum active in your brain until the last second when you fall asleep and you get more of a sense of conciousness in your dream.

Infact, im gonna try and find that podcast.

EDIT: Found it

stevepavlina.com/podcasts/Pa … eaming.mp3

It’s about 3/4 of the way in.