"falling feeling" [myoclonic jerks]

That’s quite common. When you’re falling asleep, your brain switches off your sensory connections. Thus I think that, if you’re still conscious and your brain is no more receiving info about your body position, it interprets this as a fall and gives an adrenaline boost, which causes the “myoclonic jerk”.

haha i hate that.

I will be like dreaming i am falling off something. it will be a very light dream and then i JERK real hard and wake up again. it doesn’t happen much but it is startling when it does. i always dream differnt scenarios of things that would make me jump like that when it does happen.

Sometimes like when im about to fall unconcious i get this, and almost completely wake back up because i jerk hard enough, rare is when im dreaming and jerk to wake up.

Aha! You talking bout those when you like jump in your bed…I hate them :razz: I have allways wanted to know what they are.

lol that happens to me. pretty funny.

i do that a lot, i always thought it was just me trying to stay awake when i didnt want to goto sleep because i get them only when i am dozing off, not when i am trying to goto sleep… craziness.
When i am going to sleep however i do get the sensation that i am hurdling through space, or if i have been on the water that day, like i was rocking in a boat.
lotsa fun…
C’est la Vie


Yeah, I get that. Like falling through your bed. It always wakes me up.

evryone gets that and i find it really cool and love it when it happens. for me im kindof conciously jerking myself out of fear of falling and a little while ago i was going to try to just leave it and see what happenes but i havent had on of them since , eh , ohwell

I once posted an alternative theory about these myoclonic jerks. It’s a Hindu one and according to this version, the falling sensation is the result of falling into the gap between waking and sleeping. You can master it to experience it consciously, to even control it consciously so you can keep yourself falling. Apparently there’s no fear to wake up prematurely because you’re not asleep nor awake. You’re right in the middle, apparently a doorway to deeper experiences. Here’s the topic: https://community.ld4all.com/t/falling-between-two-worlds/6570

When I get that feeling it always feels like something is snapping at my face quickly causing me to startle, something like a branch.

these things are soo fun…ive actually fallen off of my bed from this before
lol :tongue:

yea those really have been making WILD difficult for me…annoying

It is a very irritating feeling, I hate it too. It always reminds me of coming down a flight of stairs and missing one, ugh!

I experienced this a while back… in the middle of Organic Chemistry class. The lecture was as intriguing as ever, and I started falling asleep. Suddenly I was falling and jerked awake. But as I jerked upright, I also yelled, at which point the whole class turned to look at me. :peek:

This happens to me often. Usually I’ll be in a haptic dream and I’ll trip and fall, and be ‘jerked’ awake just before I hit the ground.

I hate those. Only thing is, i wake up and still feel like i’m falling. THERES NO ESCAPE!!!

I get that quite a lot during the beginning of the night, suddenly jolting awake the moment i’ve fallen asleep, not nice if you’re having trouble sleeping :bored: It seems to happen more when i lay on my back or if i’ve been feeling extra tense. The only times I experience the falling sensation is upon waking after a full nights sleep.

try consciously breathing in and out in this state and when you breathe out, counting until its time to inhale again.

in the right conditions somewhere when you are counting it will go from a normal thinking voice to a hallucinatory voice, and…

if you’re lucky or talented you can hold on to the sleep state consciously.

i’ve only really experienced this once, but i also haven’t tried to very often, you have to be fairly alert yet oscillating in and out of sleep. so it’s not a great idea at bed-time.

on the inhale you want to be not thinking at all, and on the exhale you want to be falling asleep, you want to create a balance of inhale = awareness, exhale = drifting off while counting.

at least for the way i did it.

Happens the most in the middle of class for me. My classmates sure do get a kick out of it! :grin:

When it happens to me, I see a fence, I run up to it, I try to jump over it, and my foot gets stuck. Every time. That’s what the falling is for me. But if I fall in a full dream, I almost always become lucid.