Falling in Love in a Lucid Dream!?

I have had this a few times. Though I wasn’t lucid. I fell in love with this one girl once, woke up and felt lonely. It is all very strange when that happens. Any way, it is kind of weird when that happens because technically, you are falling in love with yourself. :bored: LOL!

It happens. The only time I’ve experienced it has been like others mentioned, where I am having a dream and I know that I am in love with another character in it, but I’ve never met them in real life. Its sort of like living a story, or playing a role in a sappy love movie.

Some of the stories are happy and some are sad, but I am always glad they happen.

Although it would be interesting to go through this experience while completely lucid. ponders this

This has happened to me a few times before.
When I wake up from dreams like that I think to myself “wwooow… that girl was amazing!” I fell completely in love with the dream girl, that feeling was the most wonderful feeling I ever felt in my life. When I woke up I wanted to go back to sleep so bad. I felt butterflies several minutes after while reflecting on the dream and thinking about the girl. I felt utterly disappointed as I thought that I may never find a girl like that in WL :bambi: She was just too perfect… I know that DC’s aren’t “real” but I would so meet that girl in a lucid dream, just to experience that true love again.

 Why not fall in love in a dream as long as you fully understand that the DC's are from your imagination? Lucid Dreams are our own personal worlds where we can experience anything we can imagine, without limits, so why stop at love? 

As long as you are sane then I believe nothing bad can come from falling in love in a dream. Those positive emotions are healthy for you, after all.

It has happened to me many times. I have also had the feeling of being deeply lonely when waking. Feeling as if I had spent a lifetime beside her, feeling as if the process of waking was a sudden wall between her and I, and more astonishing yet, feeling as if shes still there, still existing, out there somewhere, very very far away, but there as sure as I am here.

You kinda fell in love with yourself

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No that’s not what happened. It’s more like falling in love with an idea.

It isn’t weird at all. I am sure everyone has had similar dreams. I know i have. It not like falling in love with yourself at all. Dreams feel very real that is why we try to dream lucid as much as possible. I have DC that are nothing like me or anyone I ever met in real life.

never had this happen to me, but i wish it would

i know DCs aren’t real, but they do seem real…hey why not fall in love right? its really all in how you view your dreams really. maybe not fall in love, but i would like to meet a DC and have them come back in another Lucid dream and talk to them, DCs are a part of your subconscious mind, a part of you that you can’t access while awake much, but while in a lucid dream you can get to know yourself better. maybe falling in love is a bit much (although i wouldn’t mind) but just becoming good friends with a DC would be nice, and if your good at dream control you can have them appear again in another dream and continue getting to know them. my opinion is, perhaps DCs are a lot more complex and interesting than we think? our minds are surely very complex and interesting, i find it fascinating that our mind can make a world seem so real when its not real.

in a way maybe it is real, even though its not physically real, its real in a sense you are experiencing it, you feel it, see it, and so it can be real in a sense. i would think getting to know your DCs would be a good idea and quite interesting :smile:

Last night I fell in love with a gorgeous blond girl. My age(17) that looked just like Kate Upton :thumbs: . It was a normal dream unfortunately, and when I awoke I felt alone and saddened. We had spent so much time together enjoying nature and exploring each others past’s. Fortunately enough I was able to MILD back into the dream to spend more time with her. Eventually I need to get around to writing it in my LD4all DJ for you guys to check out in detail.

[color=olive]Heh Kate Upton? Nice. :happy:

I would often find myself on some sort of date, having a tender moment, or phases where I would see the lady of interest often in dreams, growing closer over time. It would happen often with celebrity crushes (Which explains the more recent Ari/Ariana Grande phase), on occasion I would meet someone new (Once or twice a year), but rarely would it be a girl from RL. Only this past year has that been happening. Waking up from those dreams do feel strange, leave me somewhat inspired and on rare occasions as if a dark hole is forming within my chest. ( embrace and/or channel it.) Besides the thought having a shot at making that dream a reality IRL should ease the feeling somewhat.

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This has happened quite a few times in my past. But here’s something that will press your buttons. Some of these dreams, I am a character of the opposite gender, and fall in love with someone of my same irl gender. In the dream it feels completely natural. I felt warmth when being with them, and I was heavily devoted.

However when I wake up, I’m just like :eh:

This is a character that I know quite well, though they don’t live in the real world. The only times they appear in a dream is when I am them. I have never seen them elsewhere. But they are a character who usually hates people altogether, and is slightly… evil… The fact that they would fall in love with someone… :crazy:

i dont think its weird to want to be in love in an LD either. just find a great DC and things will be super awesome because you can have a date on the freaking moon!!

but of course that will only last till i actually get a girlfriend . . .

Robert Waggoner and other authors also suggest that not all DCs are mindless thoughtforms, so yeah, go for it. :grin:

At worst you might have a new DG, at best you might find a way to manifest them IWL.

I’ve had plenty of those. The one that has struck me the most was when I was hugging a girl while we both knew I would wake up very soon. It was so emotional as if we were a married couple expecting the world to end, like in the movie 2012.

That’s strange. Maybe things are reverse in the dream world. Were you in love before that dream with someone else?
I had a dream with someone I was actually in love with IRL and in the dream that person showed a lot of affection towards me but I felt like I wasn’t in love with them anymore, until I woke up.

Happened once, stronger than the waking love, and I was not lucid.
Strangely, our separation because of awakening did not make me feel sad, instead I felt lighter and free.
I did not remember how she looked, only how I felt when she was closer.
It was pure love. No fear of loosing her, no sexual envy, no feeling of attachment.

This happened to me. In one night I fell in love deeply - I awoke with butterflies in my soul and all the feelings of when you first love someone. I spent the next few days thinking of little else.
The simultaneous delight in having met this creation of my subconscious and the despair in knowing that they were not ‘real’ was, and still is, confusing. I still think about him sometimes, and it makes me reconsider my reality. The feelings of love were not any less real or strong than feelings for a ‘real’ person. Does the fact that he was a product of my mind make the feelings any less valuable or real? Does the fact that he is a dream character make him any less real to me - for he seems real enough in dreams.
This brings on so many interesting questions.

Every DC you see in a dream is constructed from a face you seen in real life, you are unable to see a DC that is completely made up from your mind. So every DC is someone you have seen in waking life, whether in person randomly or on TV.

I haven’t fallen in love in a dream, but I have had dreams where I have incredible and unbreakable bonds with other people. Friendships that made me feel immense joy throughout the dream and for a while after I woke up. So while I’ve never felt romantically toward anyone in my dreams, I do feel love in a friendly way once in a while.

I haven’t experienced this in a lucid dream, but I have felt strong feelings of attraction in normal dreams to people I don’t know. Recently, a strongly reoccurring dream sign I’ve had is girls! When I wake up I’m filled with limerent energy throughout the rest of the day.

Well, sometimes I feel deep loneliness, but it’s mostly happy lovely energy. :grin: