falling off a ladder?

Until a few days ago, everytime I climb a ladder in a dream, the ladder tips back and I die and wake up. A few days ago, I had a normal dream, and I saw a ladder and I figured I would go down it because everybody else was. I grabbed onto the bars and was then standing on the ladder. It started to tilt back, but I somehow forced it to stay there just by thinking about it.

When I woke up, I had this really cool feeling because I fixed something up that I have been having for the past five years.

Has anybody else here found it common to fall off a ladder? :confused:
Could this have anything to do with my dream control?

Not me.
Does this happen in LDs too?

I havent climbed a ladder in the few LDs I have had.

umm…i dont think it has naythingto do with dream control, because you cant control NDs

You can control ND’s, your just not as aware of your situation like you are when your awake…if yuou call being awake being aware of your situation :wink:
I think you should do two things Ruzzy; make ladders a dreamsign, and attempt to climb one in a lucid dream, and see what happens :smile:

oh but yes you can control ND’s mister StEvE21,
this is DILD -
i have them often.
something in a normal dream tips you off that you are dreaming, or you recognize a dreamsign, and then the ND changes from a ND to a LD.
It happens.

I have had many a frustrating ND’s where i have changed subtle things… I turned a triangle upside down because it was bothering me in one dream,
i removed a knife from a DC because i didnt want them to die.
simple things… just things i changed in the movie of my nd, to make it more to my liking.


you SO can change things in ND’s
weither or not you consider them ND’s at that point is up to you.
but i feel you can change things without becoming completely lucid
(i become lucid long enough to change the silly little things that bother me, and then i’m free to move about the aircraft - i mean dream at my mind’s eye’s leisure.)


That is a really really good idea! Thanks for that. :thumbs:

I would consider that as going from a ND to a LD to change something, then back to a ND. So only when you are lucid you have control.

Ehm X.

When you perform DILD ypu get an LD !!!

Your ladder is tilting because it is in the back of your mind that it will tilt.

What are you thinking of when you are on the ladder?

Thanks for asking. I’m sure this is common.

Whenever I am in a dream, and I expect the worst just for a second, the worst happens. When I was on the ladder(ages ago), the thought of tilting back crosses my mind, then it happens.

This last time, I think I was semi-lucid or something. In my head, I was sick and tired of dying on the ladders, this thought somehow made me remember not to think about it. Instead I thought “this ladder is going to stop”, and it worked. I think I knew somehow that thinking about it falling down would make it fall down, but if I think of it staying, it would stay. :grin:

Sounds like you won’t be having those dreams so much now :smile:

I’ve had recurring dreams of falling but they only last a second and I don’t usually remember any imagery or sound. It’s just a feeling that wakes me up suddenly. I think these kind of things are quite common.

Never heard of anyone else with your lader problem.

However, it’s not uncommon (especially in light sleep) for you to dream of of tripping over. The feeling or tripping over is very much like a being on a lader that is tipping over.

When this happens, you wake with a jolt (which actually resulted in some people believing they’ve ‘fallen’ back into their body).

I have had an experience like that many times, it is really cool.