False Awakenings.... Good for the dream?

I read on the LD’ing Wikibook that FA’s are good for prolonging LD’s… Is it true???

Well, if you do a reality check when you wake up, and find out it’s actually a FA, then I guess you can prolong your LD in a way.
But, if you do what I do in FA (sit up, do something in the house-normally an impossible task, and go back to bed). Then, you would just waste precious dream time.

But, if you find a way to induce FAs and they actually prolong LDs
Tell me because I’ll give it a try :smile:

YOu are supposed to think about waking up.

https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Lucid_Dreaming/Using#False_awakening The actual text. :happy:

Hm. It’s probably a method that has been tested before on our forum.
Maybe you should try it every morning when you wake up (I will too)

I have a TON of FAs

I’ll try it as soon as I have an LD, and I feel like I am about to slip away from my dream. :smile:

i think it would be because then u can do a reality check.