fantasy or reality?

when i am dreaming, sometimes i have a weird expirience. i do not understand whether i was in a actual dream or i was fantasising. parts of my fantasies in dreams turn into actual scenes around me. has it ever occured to you?

Oh I know exactly what you mean! It’s never actually becomes the dream scene around me but sometimes when I’m lying in bed thinking about stuff, my fantasies end up becoming more and more real and vivid and so much so that I almost slip into the dream world.

Yes!! I know what you’re talking about!! (I think :rofl:)

For me it’s like I’m daydreaming and suddenly I’m in a dream but don’t… notice it. It’d weird not to notice… hm… It’s like there’s no difference from imagining, visualixing and dreaming, or whatever…

A few times I’ve WILD’ed and it was almost a WILD + DILD, I would enter the dream and then “oh wait, I’m in already…”

Yes, I think I know what you mean. It happens to me usually when I wake up in the morning, but stay lying down to go back to sleep. I sort of feel like I am both in the dream and awake at once.

This was happening to me just this morning. I actually ran around my “room” picking up the mess made in my dream, and I was actually thinking “What a pain having to clean up after your own dreams.” Not to mention half the time I wake up in the middle of the night and jot down a couple of sentences about a dream, and then go back to sleep. Sometimes upon waking up there’s nothing written down at all, and I usually think “but I remember exactly what I wrote down and everything…”