Felt like a day dream but was soo real!

I have been putting my head down in class a lot and after like 5 minutes I see pictures. The one that happens almost everytime is just what it would be like with my head down and my eyes open. I either am seeing my papers right in front of my face, or my legs below me. But my eyes are surely closed. From there I just go int different scenes. Today I was sky diving into an ocean and when I landed I put my feet out in front of me and slid across the top of the water. Its just daydreaming but it feels pretty real. And I think im like halfway asleep. What is this? Lucidity? or just concentrated daydreaming.

Ooh yah and I do control what I do but my mind makes up a lot of it… like when I was skidding on the water I almost hit a tree in the ocean! and then when I was done my brother just appeared there and I was telling him about it.

It sounds to me a bit like hypnogogic imagery. This is imagery you see when you’re trying to fall asleep while remaining conscious (WILDing). If I were you, I’d try WILDing, it seems like you may have a natural ability with it.

Could you still feel your body in real life?

Hi coreysnyder04, welcome to the forum!

What you experience is on the border between HI and dreams. HI actually can flow into dreams quite easily, it’s what happens when we fall asleep. If you can remain conscious it would indeed be a good idea for you to check out the WILD technique! Good luck :smile:.

wow, thats weird, i just had 2 ideas for threads
the first was had n e one ever ld’d in school
the second was can daydreams be connected to lucid dreams or can you become lucid in daydreams

…funny, you just answered both

n e way…yeah it sounds like you had a low ludicity wild because you said that your mind makes up alot of it

…i wish i could ld in school…that would be the greatest

Yah I used to try to wild all the time. I stopped though b/c I couldnt concentrate. I would seriously be like “1. I am dreaming, 2. I am dreaming, 3. hey look a butterfly”. I was terrible at it. So it makes completely sense that I am WILDing in school. I wake up for 60-90 minutes, getting myself just awake enuff to drive to school, then go sit in a dark classroom while my teacher lectures on an overhead. When you say try to WILD, do u mean just try to stay conscious? If so that wont be to hard since Im in class and have to be aware of whats going on around me anyway. Can I feel my real life body? Ooh yes I can feel my body. I can feel my poor head crushing into my hard topped desk. I wake up w/ red marks all over myself. I didnt really like it too much though. I want my lucids to feel just like real life. I almost dont want to know nothing can happen to me, that seems like it takes the thrill out of it. I want get into a jet fight and actually feel like if I mess up I can die. You know… thats what makes life exciting, knowing that at any point in time u could die.

Dont WILD at school :razz:. I mean try it when you go to sleep, or when you wake during the night.

I’ve heard a lot of people who have experiences of dreams that seem more real than RL. It isn’t at all uncommon and almost always happens in my LDs.