Fictional characters in dreams?

Does anyone else have fictional characters show up in dreams? I often do, though I rarely remember much about it. Some of the characters i’ve dreamed about are: Wolverine from the Xmen, Sara Sidle from CSI, various characters from Lost (I know for sure Sawyer and Eko were in the dream, Various Star Wars characters, Batman, and various creatures from videogames I like.

When I was younger I always used to dream about things from video games, cartoons, movies, etc. but I don’t really anymore. They are influenced by what I watch or play that day, though. Last night one of the last things I saw before going to bed was the commercial for the Shamwow and I had a dream where Vince was giving his presentation live to an audience :tongue:

Also, when I first got the game Resident Evil 5 I played the game for almost 6 hours straight one day and I had a dream that I was playing it. Then I played it for a long time the next day and had another dream about playing it, except in that dream it was impossibly hard and I became lucid when I started to get frustrated with it.

Recently I dreamed that I was watching a movie with Jason Voorhees in it, is a weird way because he carried the camera like it was the victim, and somehow I experienced a sort of being in the camera thing, like he was carrying me, but not really. I had seen the third one on TV before sleep.

And also, the lady from Medium appeared in a ddream, she was dreaming, kind of. But She had a sort of half dream state going on. I saw an episode before sleep.

I see a patterns there.

my dreams almost always have some sort of fictional charecter. thank god cause the real ones i know are boring :tongue: lol…heres some of mine
1.zelda and link
2.charecters from gorillaz
4.kingdom heart charecters
number 2 & 1 are always my favorites though :smile:

I always get various incarnations of The Doctor from Doctor Who. In fact, the Second Doctor (my avatar) acts as my DG.

I’ve had the gorilla from donkey kong show up, and obviously threw a barrel at me :tongue:

And ofcourse chewbacca (who had yoda on his back for some reason >.>)