Films etc. that affect your dreams a lot

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Obviously things we see or do daily affect our dreams but i find that certain things affect me in a far greater way or more frequently than most.

Like quite a few other people i’ve read on the boards films and computer games affect my dreams quite lot, so just wanted people to share anything that they find makes an impact on their dreams a lot.

“Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” is my favourite film and everytime i watch it (at least everytime i watch and pay close attention) usually before i go to bed it impacts my dreams in some way, the scenery mostly.
“Casshern” and “Princess Mononoke” have made things like huge wolfs and stuff enter my dreams this last few months as well.

Also i’ve been playing through “Final Fantasy XII” lately so things from that have been popping up a lot in my dreams the last while (airships and weird characters)

So anyone else got films or games or music that they find enters their dreams easily?

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Yeah, actually I had a dream about the game world of warcraft this night, atleast I think it was world of warcraft. Anyhow it felt kinda weird, since I haven’t played it in more then a year. When I used to play I actually dreamt a lot of it since a lot of my freetime revolved around it. And some famous actors have been appearing in my dreams at some times, for example once Bill Murray tried to break in to my apartment :eek:

I play a lot of my Pokemon games and so random Pokemon parts are in my dreams. Also, when I played Front Mission 4 a lot I had a few dreams with giant robots and stuff. Thanks to video games a lot of my dreams are video games! XD I’m in third person controlling whoever by pushing buttons a lot of times.

Also, sometimes when I wake up on weekends or holidays I go to our living room and fall back asleep in my dad’s chair. Whatever’s on TV is often in my dreams sometimes with the whole dream being based on the show or just small details.

The game I play a lot is Call of Duty 2. I have only dreamed playing in my dreams was once. So it might if you play that game a lot.

I used to have House of the Dead 2 dreams, but they always went wrong. Stopped having them since they closed the arcade, though…

I saw 2 hours of poker on tv a week ago just before I went to bed and I dreamed about being in a casino and watching people play poker 2 nights in a row.

I had a short scene with Dr. House tonight. I didn´t watched it yesterday but it´s my favourite TV show now…

Haha house of the dead was fuckin awesome big mac they took away all the arcades of that here too though.
Karuni i know what you mean about the 3rd person view you get, i just had a dream last night where i was fighting in a big suit of heavy armour, its weird how your mind lets you look at yourself in a 3rd person perspective.
Its cool sometimes as well how just little details from certain things come out in your dreams as well, i guess some small details have more impact than others that lets you remember them?

Any game or show I play/watch a lot of tends to enter my dreams easily. Nethack and Fallout pop up in my dreams frequently though I haven’t played either in years. Annoying B- films tend to show up a lot too.

Yeah, what’s up with closing all the arcades anyway.

House of the Dead 2 Spoilers

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Yeah, insetad of going into the church at the beginning, I went to the left and had to fight a massive boss. He loked like one of those super-orcs from Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (VG)