Finally found my dreamsign...How to use it?

Finally for months and months…my dreamsign is I use a mobile phone that I haven’t own (and never thought of owning one), so how can I use the dreamsign (and effectively?)?

Ps:this is my 1st success about LDing!

I’m guessing you should do a RC everytime you use a phone. It’s probably the most effective way to take advantage of that dreamsign.

Good luck !

That’s a really funny but effective method, thanks!

Btw: must a dreamsign be found in every dream?

No, dreamsigns are just helpful hints that can help you realize that you are dreaming.
However, keep in mind that you need to actually be genuinely analytical and really question your current situation when you spot those dreamsigns in real life - it shouldn’t just be a routine, you actually need to stop and really become aware about your surroundings for a moment.
It’s very common that people ask themselves if they might be dreaming, but if you are 100% sure that you are awake then you can ask yourself things like “where am I?”, “what was I just doing?”, “why am I here right now?” and the like.
Basically, become aware of yourself and your actions whenever you spot your dreamsigns.

If you do this with as much feeling as possible then you will eventually start asking yourself questions in a dream as well, and then you will find that you cannot think of a good answer for a lot of those things - and that’s a very thrilling realization!