Finding your Rem cycle.

Hey everyone I just wanted to tell you that i’ve found away to find your REM cycles. People say that WILDing is hard but the only reason why its inconsistent is most likely because you guys do not know exactly when you REM cycles are.
Enough beating around the bush: Ok the way i found my REM cycles is through this app called lucid dreaming app. It’s only for android but they are thinking of making one for apple. well this apps does much more then just find your rem cycle but I do not want to get into details. its free, so what do you have to lose.
I do have to warn you however. If you do not read into how to use it, you will be confused silly. seriously. Before I go let me tell you this: the very 1st night i used this I had the potential to have a lucid. since i knew when my next Rem cycle would be, I did WBTB. I felt the sleep paralysis on my feet but decided not to because i was scared shitless of the thought of seeing creepy stuff. I’m going to try tonight and face my fear.

Is an app like that for Symbiam^3?

When i first heard about WILD and started to dig more into how it all worked i found out that those hallucinations and the sleep paralysis could be extremely scary and realistic. So i tried it out and i came up to the point where i started to see real images popping up in front of my eyes. Because i was still fully consious, i decided to stop and return to the state where i was awake, but yes, it was scary for me as well :wink:

I’m interested in this app though, unfortunately I have an iPhone (what a suprise) so this isn’t something that i could give a review of :wink:

I looked it up and the person/people making the Lucid Dreaming App for Android platforms have announced a version for the iPhone as well, so that should be coming sometime in the near future I should think.

That said, I don’t own a smartphone, so I’m out of luck. I’d love to find out what my REM cycle is as it would make WILD so much easier. I hate not knowing how close I am to REM when I wake up in the middle of the night. I got lucky once with a DEILD timer, but that isn’t entirely reliable either.

Plus the problem that the app is not compatible with all android phones! :sad:

I have sony ericsson x8 and it’s not compatible with this app. I don’t know if it’s problem in android version [which I think is not actually a problem] or something else… Like Svenshinhan said, knowing your next REM cycle would be a lot of help! :bored:

Why don’t I have a device with any OS? :sad:

But I want to ask - can I find the REM cycle with natural method? By natural I mean a method which doesn’t involve phone/iPod/PC etc :smile: Just normal method, maybe connected with MILD or sth… If you know please let me know :smile:

If you have an iPhone, then ‘Sleep cycle’ can surely help figure out your REM cycle pattern. It makes a nice graph of your sleeping cycles. The only downside is that it wakes you AFTER your REM cycle, so a bit too late for LDing purposes.

If you don’t have a smart phone, you have to do it manually, by writing down how late you go to bed and writing the down the times at which you naturally woke up from a dream after a REM cycle. For example, if you naturally wake up shortly 6 hours after you’ve went to bed, then doing a WBTB after 5 1/2 hours would probably a good time.

I must say that “Sleep Cycle” isn’t the most reliable app on the market, simply because most of my recorded nights (i have about 40) start in a state of deep sleep, so it isn’t completely accurate, but i suppose there is some truth to the graphs :wink:

Unfortunately I don’t have iPhone or anythinkg with OS, just a simple Nokia phone…

OK, it explains me something, but is in this method only the hour when I go to bed counts? I mean, sometimes I go to bed about 1 a.m. but can’t fall asleep for at least half an hour or more… it means that I really fall asleep almost about 2 a.m. Which of these hours is the one to start counting? :smile: And, if you says that’s the later one, should I make a “about” hour? You know, I’m not quite sure if I fall asleep at 2:00, 1:45 or 2:20, when I lie down the time floats unusual :wink:

That’s a problem for me as well. I don’t always wake up AFTER a REM cycle. Sometimes I do wake up during one (and it’s those times when I’m able to DEILD or WILD or something.

Biggest problem is that I take a while to fall asleep. Takes me anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes when I go to bed, even if I’m tired. I can’t really look at a clock either, because that’ll just keep me focused on the idea that I “have to fall asleep within the next 5 minutes or else my sleep cycles can’t be analyzed/predicted.” That already happened when I used a DEILD timer a week ago.

I have to say that this is one of the few times that I regret not having a smartphone, but I’m not gonna get one just because of this, lol.

I’ll just keep training myself to wake up after every single dream so I can DEILD more reliably.

if its an android then most defiantly yes

i’ve heard they made an app for apple now.

a method that worked for me was drinking a lot of water before bedtime. i mean alot. that way when you wake up from one of your dreams you will have to take a mad piss. record the time you woke up and that would roughly be the time when your first rem cycle ends.

I think you guys misunderstood me :razz:
the app is called LUCID DREAMING APP. lmao

don’t worry about that, they don’t call it “smart phones” for nothing

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No I didn’t misunderstand, we were talking about a similar app for the iPhone, but since you said that there’s an app made for Apple now, i’ll take a look :smile:

Hello, I didnt find the app. Iam on android.

can you maybe send a link pls?

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Welcome @DNS to LD4all!This is probably what they meant

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thank you

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