First 3 succesful lucid dreams, thx LD4all

warning wall of text:
cliffs at the bottom

Hello guys, im practicing WILD, MILD since i joined the forums (see join date).

Today i had three lucid dreams. My WILD ended up in a scary sleep paralysys and not in a lucid dream (? why is this, am i rushing the things after the vibrations?)

On the first dream i saw myself in a mirror. I had no clotches and i was like what is going on. Looked at my self and i had a t-shirt , as soon as i yelled this is a lucid dream i woke up :sad:

Went back sleeping, had a really really long normal dream wich turned into a lucid dream, i checked my fingers they were abnormally small so i realized this is a dream.

Here starts the fun

I was like a 720p fullhd movie! Amazingly clear screen, i did not expect this, it was more vivid than real life! I went out from the car i was in and started flying, on the third i managed to fly, but i was scared and lost the balance a few times. Was too overexcited again and i had a false awakening where i didnt do reality checks, but went back to sleeping in the dream. And the third was again with a reality check, checked my fingers now they were tooooo fat. This dream scene was amazing! It was like a fantasy world, cant really compare to anything, maybe to the game world of warcraft. Ive read so many things on this forum that i wanted to try everything at once, this is a big mistake. I called my spirit guide, this strange guy appeared and told me hi, i wanted to talk with him and he started to run away, and i woke up.

What to do next time : spin, learn more dream control, dont get overexcited.

sorry for my english im from slovakia.

cliffs :

  • wild failed, entered an SP
  • had my first three lucid dreams in 1 night
  • was amazing but got too overexcited

-i think SP is only one of the last steps for WILD before entering the dream
(if you would dream without SP, you would move IWL when you move in the dream and you would wake up)
-getting excited is normal, you will learn to manage that with time :content:
-i’m a bit envy 'cause i never had more than 1 LD in a night and they were never as vivid as yours :ohno:

last thing: GRATULUJEM!!! :mrgreen_hat:

Congratulations! I’m going to remind myself to look at my hands while dreaming – inspired by your post.

Looks like you’re a natural (lucky bastard!)