First LD, I think

So last night I had my first lucid dream. It oddly occurred without me doing a RC, nothing even off was happening, no dream signs. I was talking to my mom outside my house, and suddenly I realized I was in a dream, I don’t even know why. It might be 'cause I keep asking myself if I’m dreaming in real life.

So I realize I’m in a dream, suddenly I look into the sky, yell “UP”, levitate to the roof of my house, start yelling “KA-ME-HA-ME-HAAAA” and boom- I blow up half of my neighbors house. I think I lost my lucidity there, there was a scene change and I continued on with a ND. It was fun though, can’t wait to have one again (with a bit more control though)


Never would have thought of that Lol.

Well…you’ve already beat the length of my lucid dreams, I think iv’e had a maximum of 3 seconds. haha.