first LD - lonely...?


After reading about LDs and OBEs for months now, i finally had my first LD.

It actually happened while i was on vacation in Israel in a hotel, but that’s not important.

Anyway, I don’t remember the details, but somethjign happened and i realized I was in a dream, and the FIRST thing that popped into my head was the loneliness of it all. I realized this was entirely my own world and I was utterly alone in it. It wasn’t so much scary as it was depressing.

RIght after that i became overwhelmed that i was actually in a dream and woke right up :sad: :sad:

ANyone feel similar things???

Not really. I mean… you’re more or less a god. There are other people, it’s just that they’re all a part of you.

Anyways, you may want to look into shared dreaming (there’s a number of threads floating about).

Yea, you should not feel depressed while alone in LD :content:

Do you have problems with being alone IRL?

Anyway, as Sureal said, there are other dream characters. Even if they are part of you, you can still spend time with them, ask question, and have fun with them. But i suggest at first start to enjoy your own company IRL, then you will find that if you are alone in LD-s this is not a problem, but you can experience exciting things anyway.

Well, maybe i’m just a loner, LOL :grin:

I can definitely see why you might feel kind of lonely at first. Your first LD is bound to be pretty overwhelming in one way or another. As you keep going, though, you’ll probably adjust to the feeling. Being off in your own little world isn’t so bad. In fact, it’s pretty cool. I guess I’m usually off in my own little world IRL too though, so maybe it doesn’t count for me :tongue:

And dream characters are usually around to keep you company. Sure, they’re a part of your mind, but it’s pretty fascinating how in-depth and realistic they can be.

In my LDs there usually are no people. This pretty much reflects my real life. However in normal dreams there are almost always someone there.

So, when I go from normal dreams to an LD, there is a transformation, probably having to do with my ego life, it just turns into what I expect here in live.

So, my guess are that you spend alot of time alone?

I had my first real LD today(you can read it in this very forum).
I only had 4 characters in total(actually 3).
1-Bed monster
2- Good Gremlin-Dolores O’Riordan
3- My dog

I had an LD last night… four girls were arguing over who got to sleep with me… eventually they decided that they all would… at the same time…

Only thing is, I woke up before we actually did anything :sad:.

I think I understand your feelings, dbrowe1. It’s not the fact that there were no DC’s in your dream that was depressing, but the feeling you were lost on a strange and lonely planet.
I sometimes experience this feeling… but IRL ! :wink: