First Nightmare LD


I’m new to this forum, I found it through google, while searching more information on LD :tongue:

Anyways, I’d like to share an experience with you I had when I was 12 years old.

I had a birthday party to attend to, of one of my friends. In the evening, we watched ‘Childsplay’, you know, with ‘Chucky’, that scary doll. That night, I went to sleep, still being scared by the film, and of course, I had a nightmare about it. At a sudden moment, unfortunately I don’t remember what caused it, I realized I was dreaming. And I noticed I was able to bend the dream to my advantage.

I always thought it was neat how I remembered (and still remember) this dream in so much detail, while I would just quickly forget other dreams.

So in the dream, I was in a dark scary house, with a grey sky on the ouside. And chucky was following me around with a knife. It was so scary at that age :tongue: After a serie of events, I noticed I was dreaming, and I realized chucky was just a doll, and I could outsmart him, and tease him a little. Then some more stuff happened, which I unfortunately don’t remember, but it ended up me catching chucky in a huge glass jar.

And that was my first Lucid Dream :smile:. I’m 19 years old now, and keeping a dreamjournal (only since a few days though). :smile:

(Sorry if some things didn’t make sense, I just woke up :tongue:)

You are a real dreamer)


I was just thinking wether I had any other LDs, and I remembered another one. I met my idol in a cinema building, and suddenly I noticed I was dreaming, though I didn’t like… Really change stuff or anything, so I guess it was a FLD or something ^^

Hehe :colgate: :welcome: chives to ld4all, all congratulations for your LN!

Thats how I got interested in LD’s, I had a lots of nightmares and tried to convince myself I was dreaming, actually I was afraid to sleep at that age :razz:

Im just a bit curious :tongue: did that LN make you interested in LD’s?

Hello :wave: and welcome!

I imagine how cool it would be to turn a nightmare into a LD and beat the bad guy!

And in that second dream, simply knowing it’s a dream makes it a LD! you don’t have to have changed things…

Keep practising and writing in that DJ and you’ll have tons of LD’s I bet!

Well, at that time it didn’t, just because I didn’t know about LD’s yet, but a little while ago I started reading some about it, and I figured I had a few already!

And yeah ^^ It was pretty cool beating Chucky :razz: In a glass jar :happy:

Lol :tongue: I told my gf about Lucid Dreaming, and about reality checks and all, she said she had some as a kid. She also said she had a dream last night where she had to go to work, and was affraid of getting late. So she looked at her clock and it was half past eight, then she got up, checked again and it was 3 o clock xD

Shame she didn’t realize she was in a dream though :razz: