First Sleep Paralysis... Fun :)

Okay, so not the FIRST. The first time I had it was when I was a little kid and it just scared the crap out of me.
So this morning i kept hitting snooze on my alarm, and eventually I forgot to and just dozed off. When I woke I didn’t notice anything, because I was moving around fine, so I layed on my back and closed my eyes. When I tried opening them it hit, and I realized that now my whole body was stuck, and my eyes would only open half-way with great effort. I could also rock my body slightly, and move my mouth a bit. I started to hear a sound like a train rushing past, or a deep growl, and my entire bed felt like it was rocking. With my eyes able to open slightly, I could also see that the shadow on my ceiling suddenly lit up and starting flickering, as if a train was going past a window and brief flashes of it’s lights were shining in. I noticed what was happening but I must have been still a bit asleep because my reasoning was off a bit, I for some reason figured the best way to induce a lucid dream was to keep my eyes open and try and yell “PUT ME IN A DREEEEEEAM!”. Obviously this didn’t work to well, and the yell came out more like a whispered mumble because of the limited mouth movement. Throughout the whole thing I never felt a presence though, and the whole ordeal was actually quite fun I thought, and would like it to happen again so I can experience something new.
I ended it (again, reasoning off haha) by quickly trying to jolt my head to the side, at which point it felt like I was ripping myself from glue or constraints, very strange.
What bugged me though was I think the auditory hallucinations continued. I laid in bed for a few more minutes as what sounded like the bed in another room was being violently jumped on and ruined, and I figured my parents were home. And I mean, this was loud and extremely clear, a very vivid sound (The sound is the clearest memory of this morning, whereas the paralysis is remembered more like a dream oddly enough.) Upon leaving my bed however the sounds instantly stopped, and all that was in the other room was my dog, who clearly had heard nothing wierd. The rest of the morning I kept hearing strange noises, and was oddly frightened of entering my room or the hall connecting to it. But I assume that just to be my brain naturally responding to something freakly lol.

So, anyone have any interesting stories of sleep paralysis, or enjoyable moments?

WOW that’s really cool ! still waiting for it to come/…

Haha,well I figured out the squeaky bed sound was actually my next door neighbor being annoying… But I don’t think he was responsible for the whole paralysis bit :razz:

My hearing things all morning was probably then just a result of me thinking of the squeaky bed sounds and getting creeped out. Haha

well, this is your first step to an O.B.E., kind of suprising it happened to you so quickly, it normally takes me an hour to get into full sleep paralysis.
anyways, after you do this step succesfully, close your eyes, and count down from 260, or count the powers of 2, either one works, anything to keep the left side of your brain active.
this was just the first step, so it was unlikely that you would have an O.B.E., but its possible, after you start counting, just keep relaxing while repeating the numbers, until you start to notice vibrations and sounds, it would sound something like a chainsaw, and you should have some strong vibrations in your back.
once this starts happening, you should just keep relaxing as much as possible, until everything just stops.
after this, you will be in your dream.
these vibrations are your astral body basicly seperating from your RL body, and after this, well, your in your subconscious.
once your in your dream, you dont just want to get up, or else if your not in your dream, you’ll ruin the paralysis.
after you get into the dream, you’ll want to get up without moving.
to do this, the best way is called the bottle-cap method.
you know when you need to get a pill or something, and you need to push down and turn on the medicine bottle?
well, thats how you do it, imagine yourself flowing underneath your body, like sinking under your bed, just imagine it.
like you start sinking underwater.
then, imagine yourself being turned to the left or right, like somethings pushing you around 180 degrees.
after you’ve confirmed that your in a dream, you can get p, and do whatever you want.
now, the first time, there may be some problems, like maybe, you have no legs.
and wehen you try to pull your legs out of your body, they seem glued there.
if this happens, simply imagine your legs under your body, and then, they should be there.
after this, your succesfully in an O.B.E., and you can do whatever you want.

The first and only time I ever had SP I didn’t know what it was and for some reason my first thought was…. ”Oh Crap I’m going to die” so I fought that SP as hard as I could. I kept picking myself up just to black out and fall down again. After what seemed like an eternity of picking myself up and then blacking out (picking myself up was almost impossible to begin with it) I woke up with my face pressed up against the door and my hand on the knob.

It was interesting.

Congrats! SP can be fun indeed :happy:

This morning I got SP and heard my alarm. It freaked me out that I couldn’t brake from the SP and thought I’d be late. When I finally got out of it I saw that the alarm wasn’t making any noise :eh:

Once I felt I was being tickled while in SP. Not fun at all being tickled and being completely paralized!

Congratz… Still need to work on WILD…

Yeah, I got sleep paralysis waking up into it after a nap, but it scared me so much that like an idiot I started to breathe irregularly and ended it. :content:

haha, don’t worry, I still do that too. I don’t really get scared but I guess I forget I can use it to LD :grrr:

How can you people LIKE and ENJOY sleep paralysis?? Every time i enter (which is just about every night) i see terrible things and wake up drenched in sweat. How can this be fun, is what i’m asking. I’d certainly like to be able to defeat my fears of this stuff, even if the fears are only a reaction and not actually real. :confused: