First Steps to MILD (for all basic MILD related Q&A)

When you are saying “I’m dreaming, I know I am dreaming, etc” do you actually say it verbally or do you just say it in your mind? Because if I say it verbally then I can’t go to sleep…

You say it in your mind. I would say " I will dream and i will remember my dream" If you like say that in your head. When you get better start saying " I will dream and I will realize im dreaming" If you want that is.

yes, you say it in your mind.And make sure that you actually mean it.I usually visualize myself becoming lucid (doing a RC , noticing soemthing strange in a dream, etc)

I do that some times to. Visualizing myself in a dream.

Hello. Im gonna try MILD tonight but i’m confused about the steps to follow. Laberge says that when i wake up after a dream, i have to recall it and write it down. Then go to bathroom, and wash my face with cold water. Get back to bed and read my dream report. Then practice MILD: recall my dream, see myself becoming lucid, etc…
But in other books, and also ld4all homepage, it doesn’t say anything about write my dream, go to bathroom. It’s says that when i wake up after a dream, practice MILD inmediately, without write my dream, go to bath, etc.

What’s the “official” way for practising MILD? how do you guys use this technique?

Thanks in advance!

Uh, isnt this already been a topic? Well the way i do it is lay down in bed and go to sleep while saying " I will dream and, I will realize im dreaming" i breathe out and say the first part then out the 2nd. But you should probably say " I will dream and, I will remember my dream" Only if you dont have good DR were you can at least recall 1 dream a night.

i dont beleive theres an “offical” way to do MILD, Just do whatever works for you!

I just go right back to sleep… i don’t even get up from bed! :grin:

Thanks all for the reply. I think that i’m going to write my dream after wake up, and then practise MILD, because last night when i wake up and stay in bed recallling my dream i just fall asleep, hehe.

I record my dreams when I wake up, and as I’m falling asleep tell myself Im going to have a lucid dream. Its been working pretty well.

BTW, I guess that when Beersheba said about writing dream, getting up, etc., he meant MILD after WBTB. It’d more propable because he said about dreading DJ. You can do like that, then MILD supported by WBTB will give bigger chanse of having LD :yes:

And sapmangat was right… do MILD like works for you :tongue:

we’ll there’s one important thing i keep in mind; i read it in EWLD today (and overlooked it in the past).

But LaBerge claims autosuggestion en MILD differ in the following way: If you put much intentional effort (try hard) in MILD the outcome is probably positive because prospective memory thrives on motivation; but if you put much intentional effort in autosuggestion the outcome will likely be negative:

The argumentations for this are somewhat like this:
If you put too much intentional effort in your auto suggestion, in other words, if you really expect to LD tonight, and you fail, you’ll get a negative association with autosuggestion (‘it won’t work anyway’); you wont truly believe it works anymore.

whereas with MILD intentional effort is a good thing; the more you really plan to recognise the dream; the more motivation you have and the better your prospective memory does his job.

I thought I’d share this with you because “trying too hard” is also sometimes a problem; and the advice is often too let it alone a few days or weeks…

“You can perhaps try to wake up without an alarm clock by using autosuggestion.”

What’s auto suggestion?

auto suggestion is telling yourself you will wake up and your subconscious obeys.

(just like you can tell yourself you will know you are dreaming etc)

ok, I was originally going to try WILD, but while convincing myself that I was just asleep in my bed and that the old hag wasn’t real, in my dreams I would notice I wasn’t in my bed and do a RC, so MILD seems to be what my subconcious likes to do.

Auto-suggestion has been failing for me for a whole week… so I’ll try this method next :plotting:

I’m only three days into this, and my DR isn’t well. Can you practice DR and MILD at the same time, or do I have to start with DR ? If you can, how? :confused:

You can start trying to get your Dream Recall better while trying MILD at the same time.

There is a topic about remembering dreams here. Some forms of trying to get your dream recall better has a lot in common with MILD. Since MILD is a form of autosuggestion and autosuggestion can be used to remember your dreams. (tell yourself that you are dreaming)

When using MILD, you could also adjust the mantra to what you want. For example you can say “In my dream I will realise that I’m dreaming and I will remember this dream” instead of “In my dream I will realise that I’m dreaming”. You don’t have to use these, but I hope you got the point.

Ok, thanks Sandra!

I think too often MILD is confused with autosuggestion.

Autosuggestion is one dimensional - you repeat to yourself a phrase such as “tonight I will have a lucid dream”.

MILD is multidimensional it includes:
dream recall
identifying dreams signs
prospective memory - the next time X happens

The description of the technique in ETWOLD is the best instruction I have read.

When I am lazy I do use autosuggestion. But majority of my LDs result from MILD. :smile: