first time troubles

ok, so last night i attempted to wild but got tired and slept. In my dream i got lucid (first time) and started to try to burn people by throwing flames, nothing came out so i rubbed my hands together to now avail. While awesome i wouldve loved to burn things, whats the problem u think?

I don’t know how many times I’ve said this :wink:

You don’t expect yourself being able to throw fire and therefore you can’t.
Try to take a different approach :wink: Pick up a ball of fire from a fireplace or use a flamethrower.

Things like magic and stuff is hard to do, especially on your first ld :smile:

You have to keep practicing dude. You must make progress. Keep practicing you will get it! :smile:

It sucks really that youre own mind prevents you from havig fun.

I find forseeing events in a dream before they happen makes them happen in one way or another. It’s like I imagine something in my dream, so it just happens. You could try that maybe?

Confidence in something you do is essential. If you don’t think you can do it, you won’t.

And WILD is supposed to make you go to sleep, no keep you from sleeping…

in my first LD I was able to fly and teleport quite easily and i guess its supposed to be pretty hard to do those things. however, in my dream i had put myself in danger so i could have a battle of some sort, anyways i felt that i would die or something if i couldn’t do these things. so in my ld i made the things i wanted to do seem to be nescessary for survival and things came easily.

I failed at using flames too in my first lucid.

I tryed it, but only smoke came out. :sad: