first time

this is the first time trying to LD, but i feel as though I have done it before while i was dreaming. But what i am trying to say is I thought that WILDing would be the easiest for me so i laid perfectly still and kept my mind awake by counting, but i sort of freaked out when i started rushing through some sort of light tunnel occompinied by a high pitched whistling and my body sort of felt like it was vibrating not to sure, but is there any advice you can give me.

The transition state from wake to sleep is easier if you let everything happen, just remember that all that’s happening is entirely in your head, thus harmless. You just have to enjoy the ride and relax, until you are in a proper dream :wink:
Best of luck to you! ^^

thank you i’ll try my best

yep, it’s just getting used to. You may feel some things that are really outside of our ordinary experience, so it’s really strange. Just trust that you are safe and can not be harmed and you’ll get used to it and maybe even enjoy it after a while :smile: