Foil Induced Lucidity Method (was an April Fools)

I am gullible, I admit it. Wrap your feet in tin foil, get some pickle juice under your nose - and you’ll be set up. Anyway I’d quietly hope that this method be a silver bullet. I gave it a try, although half-heartedly - I only wrapped the left foot with aluminium foil (no juice either). It felt strange, and throughout the night I paid some attention not to unwrap the foil (it happened in the late morning, finally). Fell asleep as usual. No problem with foot overheating. No lucid dreams.

I’m not sure what to make of darxide’s claims of his fantastic results. And “staying awake through the first 90-minute sleep cycle until REM phase and then going WILD” sounds preposterous to me.

LoL. So far there has been no real proof at all of these LDs. the people who have tried it have not had much sucess. Lol FOIL?! Next thing you know we will have the TYTC method. Tie Yourself To Ceiling. Just hang there the blood will rush to your head and you will have many LDs!

Seriously this method is farfetched. No evidence or proof that it has worked as magically as this individual has made it seem.

If infact he is not pulling our chains, this obviously must be autosuggestion or somthing of the sort. Like a lucky rabbits foot, (with this foot ill LD for sure!) catch my drift? A third party confidence booster.

Before anyone goes on a Wild FILM frenzy. I’d suggest sticking with the mainstream methods that are proven scientifically to work. unless we can get some credible evidence that this method infact is working for more then one individual, who dodges the question each time someone asks “where did you read that”, I do not think we should persue it.

/me starts laughing saying “Foil… feet hah”


I thought that there’s at least one posting confirming someone else’s success with this method.

I have to admit that I personally don’t find this technique attractive.
I can see that it might work, and even make suppositions why.
Some people have even posted about traditional techniques that inspired this experiment.

And pointing to the lack of “credible” evidence, while saying no one here should experiment with it until there is some, is a rather circular argument.

How about we let a decent amount of evidence come in, from those here willing to give it a go, before we dismiss it out of hand?

Gonna try this technique tonight, along with the pickle thing…let’s see if it’s so effective…

I’ve been figuring

"Let some other blokes give it a go. It sounds very uncomfortable – and I’m a “slow” sleeper to start with. If it has enough success, I might try it too.

Hey kidzz!! :smile: Glad to see my technique is working so good. My friend david trusts me cause he knows me in real life and has already had MANY lucid dreams from this technique! I was shocked when today at church he informed me he had THREE lucid dreams last night!! It took me like a whole week with this method before I got that many in one night! But my success is rocketing as well!

Yes I’ll admit I can see why you question the credibility of this method, but I think YOU people on this site will be my credibility when you finally suck up the pride and spend a night of lucid dreaming! :smile: Good luck, cranberry dude!

It’s funny how the only people who have said they’ve tried this and it worked have 5 posts or less on this site …

If you really want people to try this darxide, try sounding a little less like a used car salesman. :smile:

he is only informing us of the technique not selling us his brand of foil or anything. give him a go.

but i tried it and never worked for me. it wasnt uncomfortable for me, i can sleep easily with or without any distrubances.

at least it works for some.

exidez i think we’re on the same page because it tried it and didn’t work for me so i think it only works for some ppl BUT i didn’t use the right method,let me explain, instead of using foil wrapped on my foot, i did it with 2 pair of socks and the foil was in pieces instead of a whole…

Oops I did it again - with TWO feet wrapped in foil. Am I stubborn? Let me tell you up front, no lucid dreams. But wait! This time I overheated. Maybe my room was a bit hot, anyway in the early morning I got too uncomfortable to continue and peeled off the foil. I say peeled off because it kind of sticked to my feet because of sweat.

On the bright side, at some point I was dreaming that I am pissing (literally), being semi-aware that I am actually in my bed and keeping the valve shut. The prolonged and copious piss was quite pleasurable. Try it when you have an opportunity.


:cool_laugh: I started this 9 days before April Fools and am ending it 99 posts after it was started! Yes and if you think I have no life you are probably right!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am a real lucid dreamer, but I couldn’t resist getting people to put tin foil on their feet and pickle juice under their nose!

And so I don’t go to hell I must admit I never tried this technique… so thus it never worked.

I owe an I’m sorry to anyone who is ready to kill me, but can’t you see the humor in it? :shy:

Moderators: Please don’t lock this until they all get a chance to tell me how mean I am.

Darxide are you being sarcastic on your last post or is a real April;s fool of you all of this “FOIL” thing :bored: ? isn’t funny…

hmmm, i was about to defend him too…April Fool’s isn’t meant to be a 3 week thing you know.

Heh,the idea was just fine -bright, humorous and harmless.
Misleading was the fact that it has been started not exactly on Fools Day and this is what its all about.
I liked it anyways:)

Hmmm… Darxide, there is a proverb in my country: “the shortest jokes, the best jokes”. Don’t you have the same? :puh:

At the least, your joke has teached us a general principle: suggestion is better if accompanied with a ritual. Some beginners tried your technique and had very good results with it. Unless you invented a new performing technique without knowing it! You perhaps should try it, Darxide, I’m sure you’ll have incredibly long and numerous LD’s! :happy:

I’ll change the title of your topic (in order that you won’t fool new inattentive readers). :wink: I don’t lock the thread immediatly, thus your beta testers can reply and possibly kill you peacefully. :tongue:

well kragea was obviously created by darxide…

Obviously? I’m not so sure… :eh:

LOL. :cool_laugh: I don’t like the fact that it wasn’t started on April 1, but it was still hillarious. It was just weird enough to be believable. :tongue: Well done, you made people do some very strange things. I’ll have to think of something for the future… :grin:


Please tell me this, you say you are a real lucid dreamer, so on the nights that you were fooling us by saying how you got all these LD using the FILM technique, what were you really doing?

Did you really have LD but using the proven techniques on those nights?

I never tried any of this, i only just came across the thread in the last half an hour, i read it all and thought it was a load of nonsense. But from all the replies i just wish you didn’t post it as being a joke as this could really of worked for people, as a placebo.

By the way the technique of wrapping foil is very similar to something i posted a while back, i feel that when the feet do get very warm you can induce a concious OBE. Do a search for one of my posts and you will see the thread.

My experience in warm feet makes the leg sway from side to side, this can be used as a way of pressure to come out of the body.

Anyway happy dreaming amigos

I knew it would not work from the moment I read this post. However a few people did not take me seriously. Now I get to say I told you so.

I told you so