follow @LD4all on twitter!

great, TheKing! now let others follow your example :grin:


514 to go!

adjusting the goal…

Let’s have at least 500 followers end of this month, and 1000 end of the year!

Made a Twitter account just for this… mind you, I’m Rhawin because someone already had Rhewin grmbl.


come on folks :smile:


506 to go :happy:

spread the word, follow LD4all so you are never lost without your addiction!

(hmm that catchphrase needs some work :tongue: )

500 followers :boogie:

500 to go! :happy:


come on, let’s reach 1000 before 2012!



462 to go!.

I know you want to follow @LD4all, even if you don’t have twitter :tongue:

sure i want to, i just don’t know how to use twitter :lol: lol

hmm, how have i missed this for so long. ‘makes a mental note to follow when he gets home’

I don’t have a twitter, but would very much like to be connected with LD4all. Facebook page, maybe? :happy:

That does exist :yes:


444 to go :smile:


We can still reach 1000 before 2012:

:ld4all: Tell all your twitterbuddies to follow @LD4all too!

:ld4all: If you don’t have a twitter account yet, create one and follow @LD4all :happy:

:ld4all: spread the word on facebook (tip: click on “like” at top of this post)

:ld4all: if you have other suggestions, post them here :happy:

Hmmm… I wonder how much trouble I would get in for making 569 Twitter accounts >.>

I think I already follow @ld4all with the account I made years ago (that I dont use) :razz:

Rhewin, Qu meant that 569 users follow it, 431 mor eis enough, but sure that will get you in trouble :uptosomething:

Cool. I am your 800th Follower!

never understood twitter… just seems useless imo.

There’s a group on Facebook as well, if you don’t get twitter (just like me :razz:).

I use to read posts and so on Facebook, but thats not close to the atmosphere here in ld4all

You are right. Facebook is purely for socialising. This forum here, besides socialising, offers knowledge, help, experience sharing, fun etc. :happy: