Food in lucidity...

Ok so, my friend told me a while back that the first time she went lucid she was at an amusement park. While she was lucid, she made a popcorn machine appear and she ate some of the popcorn. She then told me that it tasted as real as real life popcorn, maybe even better. I was wondering if this is true, you can really taste the food in your dreams? Honestly she could be making that up so I would prefer to ask you guys. I don’t recall ever eating anything in my dreams and have never been lucid, so that’s why I’m asking haha. I hope it’s true! :grin:

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Yes, it is:

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oh my god, yes! your brain cannot tell the difference. during one lucid dream I found some ice cream and started eating from the bottomless carton…mmmm… also I found weed (of course the weed came before the ice cream) and was loving it because I could smoke as much as I wanted and never run out! and I felt 100% high, I could not tell any difference between a LD high and RL high.

Pretty much any experience you can have in RL you can also have in a dream. So far the only thing that seems to be a little off to me is smell.

I ate plenty of things in dreams, and their taste can range everywhere from nonexistant to absolutely delicious and better-than-the-real-thing ^^ But most of the time (in ND’s, at least) food tasted just pretty good. :colgate:

Same kind of experience here.

My own experience isn’t that extensive, but I have a few memories. One time I was eating the walls in a place not unlike my grandmother’s house, and it was light and sugary, but a bit on the weak side. In a lucid dream.

I think I can recall being in a normal dream where I was eating something…some sort of dream-dish, very hearty yet exotic, and it was immensely flavorful. I don’t think I ever had anything quite like it in real life.

Aside from that, I can’t really remember much else.

Lucid food is amazing. I ate some salt and vinegar chips in one of my lucid dreams, and it was amazingly good. It was like eating the perfect chip everytime.

It does seem like everything you eat has such strong and delightful taste.

I have had very different experiences with eating. It can sometimes taste good, but most often it tastes like thin air. Drinking something in dreams is something different, i have had the most amazing fruit juice and cider. I am still looking for the “perfect orange juice” i had in a dream many years ago!

On the other hand, sunlight tasted very sweet and spicy, like strong ginger tea with a lot of honey. Glass tasted a little salty and a little sweet, and a circle i drew in the air tasted like cotton candy.

Food is wonderful in dreams :content: . I’ve tasted two things, cola and blueberry cupcakes. Both were delicious even though the cola tasted like citron.

Ohh m’ lord, I had chocolate cake once…it was amaaaazing.

But then again I had a pill once, and it tasted like chalk\baby powder. -___-

I love eating in dreams. I can eat as much as I want without the extra calories and it taste like the real thing. Taste is probably one of my strongest senses in dreams.

I’ve never drank or smelled in my lucid dreams (that i can remember, anyways) but I have had some interesting experiences with eating. This one time I was in a foodstore and saw an ice cream carton sitting next to the orange juice(i have no idea why) I opened it and it was vanilla, but when I ate it, I couldn’t taste anything at all. I thought about the flavor of vanilla icecream, and tasted it. I thought about the taste of chocolate, and that’s what it tasted like! I proceeded to make it taste like strawberry and orange before getting bored and leaving.
In another dream, I saw a stuffed animal bunny and turned to a DC. I held it up and took a bite out of its head, causing the DC to look at me like I was crazy. Just as I wished it would, it tasted like a white chocolate truffel. Mmmm. I promptly stuffed the whole thing in my mouth. Thats another thing I noticed-I can stuff a crazy amount of food in my mouth at one time and still eat it without a problem. The flavor was strong, but only when I really concentrated on it.

i ate some drugs once in a ld and it got really blurry and crazy after that

I drank alcohol once and had a blackout :happy: I think the dream continued after that, not sure.

It would seem toothpaste tastes the same in an LD :tongue:

I remember my first LD. I was in a dark car park in the empty night and then suddenly I became lucid (I have no idea how). I remembered reading on ld4all that you can materialize objects so I closed my eyes and imagined I had a McDonalds chicken legend in my hand. I opened my eyes slowly, as to not wake up, and then in my hand I had a McDonalds chicken legend with Mayo in my hand. I took a bite and it felt exhilarating. I could feel the warm chicken, cool Mayo, crispy batter and the texture of it. It was beautiful, and then a week after, I was in a restaurant and I cant remember what I ate, but it was brilliant.

Overall, food tastes brilliant in lucid dreams.

I’ve only had food in a dream once, it was a pizza, with pepperoni and Italian sausage, my favorite.
it tasted so good, I’ve never had one thing that tasted better.
I’ve found that in dreams, memories of food is extremely exaggerated.
a cake you’ve had the night before that tasted good appears in your dream, you take a bite, and if you taste it at all, it seems to have been made by the hands of god himself.

It just makes dreaming all the better.

Sure does. Why do you think Writerscube always stops for some tea and sandwiches? :tongue:

Most of the times I taste food it has no taste :sad: But I’ve had a few times with taste and they are pretty good. The most delicious thing I’ve had in a LD is probably water though lol I’ve never had such fresh, cold, perfect water!

I ate a blanket, tastes like a unsweet cotton candy lol