For reality checks, I'm going to...

set my timer on my phone to go off every so often, so that I do a reality check every say, 15 minutes. So eventually it’ll become natural for me to do it! It already kind of is, I’ll just randomly do it, but something will spark my interest in lucid dreaming before I do a reality check.
I’m not forcing myself to do it, I read if it’s labour it won’t work, I’ll just let my brain flow freely with the reality checks for now.
Is it good to set my alarm or what? I don’t think so, although it’ll make it more natural for me to do one.

I think I may have contradicted myself once or twice in this post, aha well.

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it is not uncommon to do so. I don’t know if it is detrimentary just because it is labour. In fact, it is probably better. As long as you stay motivated. The risk is that you will simply not do it any more if it is too annoying. Setting the clock is good, because you will actually do RCs, and keep your mind vigilant. Also you wil implant an expectation that your alarma will go off and it’s RC time, so that will become a part of your dream life as well, hopefully. You’re on the right track with this.

this is funny because my phones battery dies so much that i just don’t charge it at night anymore and i do checks every time it beeps to tell me the battery is low.

good luck hope it works

this sound like it might work i think though you might need the alarm to to go off in your sleep, but i also have a thought of the realityt checks. if you sub counction thinks your awake when your are in a drame it wants you to belive your awake, rc might work at first but i think that if your sub counction learc that rc need to not work (or work depeding on how you look at it) you might just think your awake.

Well i think its good to set your alarm but it might get annoying, well for me it did… You should try doing a RC everytime you walk through a door. I saw it on youtube. But what i do is do one after 10 songs play by wen im listening to music. (which is like 24/7) :mrgreen:

I try to do a RC during the day every 30 minutes. I think that helps me. Well, either a RC, or just think about LDing cause I think that helps. If you don’t think about LDing at all then not so much. But also, when I’m falling asleep, everytime I breathed in I would say “lucid dream” or something. And every 15 minutes I would say, “I am going to have a lucid dream tonight and I am going to …”

It actually worked last time. :grin: I’m going to try it again tonight.