forget i said anything about an upgrade :P

Argh, everytime pasQuale says DM, I think that it’s her calling my nickname. :razz: I’m used to DM… I guess I’ll have to get used to DM7 now. Lol! :wink:

By the way, good luck at installing that one! :biggrin:

nah lets both be DM just to confuse everyone :wink:

Lol! Okie dokie! :biggrin:

I’m confused. You say you here it will have clear directions to the bathroom, but your upgrading it yourself!! How can you only hear about it, when you yourself are upgrading it?!

Can’t you get a MOD that automaticly installs MODs. I’m sure I saw one on’s forum.

Does anything happen to the forum during upgrades?

during the upgrade the forum is unavailable. After the upgrade everything will be back, but then clean & shiny :wink:

but so far i’m only working on a test forum to see how much work it will be.

that’s why i’ve posted this ‘warning’ message, so you are not surprised when you suddenly can’t access the forum and also not surprised when it takes a few days before you can.

days :meh:

best thing about using a test forum you know exactly what you need to do, and can even make a style template so you can instantly change the look to this instead of the boards default :smile:

Days :cry: I’ll miss posting when that happens.

I’ll be alright. :content:

yes, anticipate for the worst, in that case you will be so happy when the forum has been offline only for a few hours :content:

i’m still working on the test forum, so far i haven’t had much time play around with it. i did an upgrade to 2.0 on it and poof all my templates and mods had dissappeared :cry: Now i have to do the upgrade from 2.0 to 2.06 and then find all the mods and templates again :neutral:

i’m sorry, i must have been sleeping :grin:

We already have the newest phpbb forum, that is 2.06.

somewhere in the future they are going to release 2.2. I thought this had already happened, but somewhere i got confused :tongue:


not anytime soon anyway. When 2.2 has been released i will do it. When 2.2 will be released, i have no clue.

so forget i said anything about upgrading


on the test forum i have actually done an upgrade from 2.06 to 2.06 :lmao:

Oh good! I’m not sure about this upgrade for upgrades sake.
If it aint broke, dont fix it. :smile:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s so hilarous! :biggrin: Okie dokie. :wink:

Drugs…what they do to people?

I’m gone for a few days and you see what happends :content:

Lol ah, BioHazard is our secret drug… daily dosage of it keeps us sane. Ah, I gotca ya now. Okie dokie. :wink:

pasQuale you could have deleted this topic. Then when anyone asked about the upgrade, you could say “What upgrade? must all have had a shared dream!” :rofl: :content:

:lol: Moogle

And thus I stick by my “mods are stressy” statment. It was simly stress making you think illogicly. Only joking. Yes, as moogle said, why not have just removed the topic.

Also version 2.0 has a lot of security breaches in it. Where as 2.06 solves most of them.

Damn! And I was all excited too :sad:
Oh well, be sure to get the 2.2 upgrade ASAP! I love upgades, they’re like presents, could be bad could be good could be minor could be major could be anything. Just the mystery… sigh

I say we arange to “lose” Neo in the next upgrade that should be a cool mystery :wink: