Forum has been down but is back up again!

The forum has been down for a few hours today. - The good news is that it is up again, the bad news is that one day of data is lost. So if you don’t find your message or PM, please post it again :grin:

What happend to the forum??? Annoying to have everything post once again… :grrr:

I tried to post in the WILD topic, but I just got this error message, saying “General Error”, and with this message (directly copy-and-pasted): “Ran into problems sending Mail. Response: 550 5.7.1 … Relaying denied”

sorry guys :shrug:

the harddisk from the server the forum runs on has crashed. It now runs from the backup made before the crash. Backup is made once a day so everything that was posted after the backup has been lost.

about the error, i’ll contact hypnodude about that, he’ll come to the resque [insert superman smilie] :smile:


It seems like my message got through, but now I have a triple-posting in the WILD topic. The first one from before the crash (which I thought was lost) and two with the error message. Because of the error message, I thought it didn’t get through even if it did, so I tried several times. Sorry. :shy:

BTW The error message still pops up…

Got the message too, annoying because you think the message didn’ t make it and then you notice the message has been posted anyway despite the error message :bored: .

Did a search in the PHPBB-forum, seems that it has to do with e-mail notification: … ing+denied

But the end of the WILD topic part V is still messed up :sad: :shy: Could some of you fix it please?

the mail settings have been fixed now so everything should work, including registering as a new user. (this gave probs too)

the WILD thread will be looked after :thumbs:

All accidental double posts in other threads will be deleted too :user:

thanks everybody for your patience, we hope this won’t happen again… :confused:

Ah, just wanted to comment, when it was down… I realized how much I missed forum! It’s a great place to go to!!!

I’m so glad that it’s back up! Thank you “Q.” I appreciate it!