Forum outage - [what happened?]

It seems the forum has been restored after a server outage.
Sorry for the trouble if you thought your post or PMs were deleted.

Please be patient as things are worked out.
It may be best to try not to post on the forums until a few errors are worked out.

yay, almost back in full business! :thumbs:

[Q - edit]

Now what exactly happened?

Yesterday has been a weird day.

29 september at about 21.30 my time the whole hosting company LD4all is hosted on went down due to a power outage.

Somehow all could be quickly restored exept the server LD4all was on.

Yesterday was spend trying to repair that server. It took so long that the company decided to employ a backup server - put all backed up data on it as a temporary solution.

So briefly yesterday the forum was back and locked. Users had dissappeared, PM’s seemed lost. But fortunately that was all a dream.

Also I had disappeared :tongue:

Now after 37 hours the server LD4all is on has been repaired and is back like it was before the outage.

I’m still a little shaky but very happy that we are back! Everything seems to be much faster too!

The hosting company has offered one free month of hosting as compensation for this. I’m not sure if I’ll take this offer. Do you feel that this is enough compensation?

[/Q edit]

yes, we seem to be back in full working order without data loss! :smile:

I’m back too! :lol:

whew, that felt weird, to be non-existant :smile:

thanks everybody for your patience!

yesterday was all a dream!

:peek: i could swear i was on a boat with some LD4all and DV members :confused:

edit: hmm ok a few DB errors, i’ll repair the DB, but first make a backup :grin:

hmmm, I seem to remember a dreamy memory just like that! :content:

yes Q take it lol :happy::D:D

OK T_S, yes i’ll take it :smile:

:happy: u should Q its about time u got something back :smile: and plus why turn away the good things that come your way, life is a ballance, where there is bad there is always good :wink:

whoa!!..shared dreaming rules!!

1 month compensation seems to be fair…no real damage done…eh?

Yes, 1 month seems fair, at least the forum is just like before the crash and we didn’t lose 2 weeks of posts (as happened with the previous host).

I had this weird dream that half the forums were locked and that Avatar Reaper and Technodreamer had merged into one Techno Reaper. I dreamt that PasQuale had been removed from the site and (Pas)Quuipo had taken over.

Glad to see none of it was real. phew :wink:

Wow I had the exactly the same dream! I remember dreaming that almost all of this forum was locked and… PasQuale our goddess ceased to exist… and PasQuuipo took over. I remember swimming 1,000,000 miles to the lifeboat… and collapsed in Q’s bed… And techno reaper…

whew what a bad dream! faints

Oohhh, this sounds so familar. I’m sure I dreamt of someone pulling Moogle from the waters just before I climbed upon on the ship’s mast with a periscope.

I had a dream like that too! I was talking do a DC who looked almost exactly like Q but it told me it was only a DC! And no matter how many times I tried to post a dream it wouldnt work. What a nightmare. :cool:

I would try for at least 2 months free service. :smile: But that’s just me. :grin:

All my forums were down this week. DV has been flirting with coming back, but no dice yet, then the buddhist forum was having server-transit issues, then LD4all was struck by lightning…what am I supposed to do, read a book? Or talk to–LIVE PEOPLE?!? How nerve-wracking.

omfg that is cool lol so many dreams so close together that has to go down somewhere lol :happy::smiley:

:eek: I should have realised it was a dream when I could breathe underwater … but I told myself I could breathe because I had created lots of air bubbles with splashing about. :ack:
Then Q mentioned it could be a dream and I never thought to do a RC :angry: