Free Cookies! (fragile dreams, waking up after RC)

Now that I have your attention, Hi everyone, I believe this is the first time I have posted here, and made myself known. Something something. o-o

Anyways, let me get back to the point, for the past 3 years, I have been trying very hard achieve lucidity in a dream. I have slacken last year, but as a new year’s resolution, I have decided to try again this year. I have never, ever been in a lucid dream, and it kills me just not being able to.

I have been active in recording my dreams with recorder, and do Daily RC’s all the time. My only probelm, is that my dreams are so fragile. It’s as if I know I’m in a dream yet I can not do anything, otherwise, it will shatter like glass.

Worst still, when I actually RC, I wake up, and there is just no “click” or anything.
Any tips my fellow-soon to be friends? Or rather what is a suitable and easy method for beginners?

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It did draw my attention :tongue:

What’s most important about that is that knowing (like really knowing) that it is actually all in your head and you make everything happen. If you think about it shattering like glass, it will. If you say that you wake up whevever you RC, you wake up, you will.

My suggestion is to use a mantra along the lines of “Next time I’ll dream, I’ll be lucid with full control over the dream.”.

Remember that the mind has no negatives, if you think “My dream won’t shatter like glass,” your mind will understand “My dream will shatter like glass.”

Hope this helps. :smile:

MILD is probably my favorite technique I recommend for people just starting out. To do MILD as you go to sleep you tell yourself you want to wake up from a dream later on in the night and remember it. When you wake up you recall he dream you were having and as you go back to sleep you tell yourself something along the lines of “I will remember to recognize I’m dreaming.” DO NOT say the words mindlessly, make sure your focused on the words and what they mean. At the same time picture yourself back in the dream but doing something you know is a dream like activity. This helps to incubate a dream in which your doing an exceptionally obvious dream activity.

This almost sounds like you know you are dreaming, if you do that is actually a lucid dream. There are a few possibilities that could cause this. One if that your getting to excited. High levels of emotion almost always result in destabilization of the dream-state and someone waking up. Second possibility could be a confidence thing, if you believe you will wake up quick, you probably will. Third possibility is that your realizing this right at the ends of REM periods and therefore about to wake up regardless.

In general though it sounds like you might be developing a bit of a confidence issue. Make sure you don’t fall into the mindset that lucid dreaming is hard (it isn’t). If you get into a mode where you think its tough, your mind will make it that way. Start telling yourself right now that having lucid dreams is easy and work on believing those words; that alone will go a long way.