Free Lucid Dreaming Subliminal and Hypnotic MP3's

Sure lets see… I began with the dream experience 1.8.2 which lasted for 2 hours ten minutes (fell asleep early on) and then it went on to Hynagogic Vortex for an hour, then LD Test Preset for 1 hour 35 min then Lucid Dream for 10 mins then Lucid Dreaming for 30 mins then Lucid in the Sky with Cubic Zirconias which i woke up 35 mins and 8 seconds into (headphones had fallen out by now so i have no idea how many presets i listened to).

Also i probably exaggerated the battery thing, i had a full battery going to sleep and woke up and it was still well into the green, with the backlight inactive and all programing idle for up to an hour at a time not much energy was used.

EDIT: finally made all my posts on Mystic Boards and never have to go there again! yay! v1.25 is now registered for me!

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but has anyone used these with much success? I downloaded them yesterday and set it to play on low volume while I slept last night on my iPod, and I got very little sleep all night. (Which I’m sure is because the hynotic ones say at the end “and when I count to five you will awaken”.)

Or does anyone have any other tracks they would swear by??


From my experience for the messages to enter your subconcious, you’d probably have to listen to them over a period of a few weeks, although you dont have to listen to them all night. Once a day would probably have the same effect. anyways good luck :smile:

I just started using one, I believe I downloaded it from here months ago, but never really tried it out. It’s called Lucid Dream Induction. I have left it on repeat the last 2 days while I go to sleep and have had 3 lucid dreams. Now the strange thing is, 2 out of those 3 were like completely out of nowhere. Actually in fact 1 of them, I imagined this has to be a dream because in my dream this scenario had happened 1 year ago, but it never did, yet I still felt this had happened. So it’s like I wasn’t even able to critically or logically deduce I was dreaming yet I still realized it, so I think it had to be due to the auto suggestion. Like I didn’t even do a RC and nothing at the time seemed out of ordinary (although of course things were) so I think this induction is really helping.

I turn it on b4 bed on my computer, really focus on it for a few minutes then just try to get to sleep while kind of passively listening to it. It’s 25:04 long and called Lucid Dream Induction. Basically it’s a guy saying you will remember to check your reality, I am dreaming, I am aware that i’m dreaming etc.

It seems you’ve had some success with this mp3… would it work well if I listen to it with headphones (iPod headphones)?

Anybody else have success with this?.. I’'ll give it a try later this week.

I ressurect this Again…anyone has updated link or is it safe to download the ones here ?

7th post has rapidshare links, still working.

thanks ,but the first link didn’t work with me.

hi, I am new to this website and have heard about lucid dreaming before but never really had experience with it until this afternoon when I took a nap. I don’t believe it was a fully lucid dream as I didn’t feel I was in co.plete control of my surroundings. But I did feel that it was actually real, and I was able to remember the dream fully. I was wanting to ask where is the link for the download of the MP3 because I have done a little research and I saw that the MP3s can really help to keep you mind conscience while the body is asleep. If I could get the link for the MP3, I would be very appreciative.

Links are right here

Don’t be so scared, Dude!
I only tried WILD right know and I think getting paralyzed is more fun then
REALLY scary. Of course you panic a little but in the End you can almost enjOy it :cool:
Just try or don’t if you want, but I like that with WILD I am able too induce a LD
at almost EVERY time ANYWHERE :happy:

I would really like an update on these links. Thanks.

I ve never been paralysed with WILD, but I do it almost every morning before going back to bed 90% of success :smile:.

Would those mp3 songs also work if you just use them like an alarm (I mean if I know that I ll be in REM at 8am, just put it at 8am?

yes, me too please. none of the previous links work anymore.

Darn, those links lasted forever now they’re all gone :sad:

I still have the files if someone wants to suggest a site to upload them to?

I’d love to try these, but something about hypnotic tracks really unsettles me.

my friend and i both would really like to try these. is it possible for you to upload them to mediafire or 4shared?

do you happen to have the curse removal mp3 as well? i looked for it on warpmymind but it’s 20 bucks.

I have re-uploaded the files to my google drive and made them share-able with the following links: … usp=sharin g … usp=sharin g

I don’t have curse removal and wouldn’t be able to share anyway if it costs money. These ones are free which you can find here (along with some newer ones):
Type in search bar “lucid dream”
Word of caution the site seems a little dodgy now has some porn on it, don’t enter if under 21.

If you want to remove the ‘curse’ just stop listening to it. I can tell you from experience that it only works the more you listen, and even then it is doubtful you will have them every night for the rest of your life like it says.

thank you!

i’ve listened to the curse mp3 4 times so far, i think, and it gave me my first lucid, though only a few seconds. i’ll definitely keep listening to it. i did notice i wake up feeling extremely tired and with headaches (o。 o;)

Hey there,
I tried the Lucid dream curse 1.
I did it before going to bed the first time and got into a state where My body was falling asleep: My body took over my breathing, Eyes started twitching slightly, odd sensations. After a while I just fell asleep.

However, I saw great potential in this and tried it during a WBTB, First WILD in months! And supposedly it will help hypnotise me into having lucid dreams more often, but I’m not so sure about that one.

I’ve decided to just keep on using that track since it seems to work for me, does anybody else have experiences with different ones that might work better?