Frustrated with my progress, suggestions?

-Please excuse this essay, but I feel I need to be detailed.
Last night was night 12 of my journey. I have been keeping a very detailed DJ, which I update in Evernote every afternoon by copying over my notes that I wrote down upon awakening in the morning. My dream recall has drastically improved, as well as the vivid detail and clarity in my dreams. I have had numerous False Awakenings and have failed my RC’s in my dream world, for instance, I noticed numbers and letters changing but just looked past it.

[b]Still no LD’s

Here’s what is frustrating me and what I believe I may be doing wrong…

-I have done an average of 10 RC’s throughout the day, but feel maybe I’m not doing them right, or enough.
-I noted in my DJ, even though I am aware of this anyway, that my dream’s have seemed slightly more foggy, and my recall has been worse, the last few nights. I still have written down ton’s of notes in morning, but they are more or less bit’s and pieces from the 4 or 5 dreams I had that night, rather than the picture and “story/dreams” as a whole.

  • I have been aiming for LD’ing using the DILD method. I have tried WILD combined with WBTB and fail. I almost had it work when taking an afternoon nap, but woke up after hearing very scary noises in my head.

I understand that it takes longer for some than others, but I feel like my progress is starting to go backward’s, especially after the first week, in which I felt like I was making major progress.

Any suggestions or encouragement? For all I know i’m doing everything right and it’s just a matter of waiting.[/b]

DR and other such things will vary from time to time. It’s perfectly normal for DR to be great on some nights and foggy for a while, even several nights in a row. Just make sure to go to bed with the intention that you will wake up and remember your dreams.

RC’s, to be most effective, should be done as often as possible. Make sure you are constantly questioning throughout the day. 10 times an hour is kind of low to really build the habit if you’re looking for something like RCILD. DILD also requires you to be constantly questioning reality during the day if you want a higher chance of becoming lucid.

Above all, do not worry and do not get frustrated. You’re only 12 days in, that’s hardly any time at all. It will take a while for new habits and mindsets to set in, and techniques also need quite a bit of refinement. Keep it up and you will get there :content:

lol he said he does 10 a day, and your like “10 an hour is kinda low”. And for the WILD, fear is an illusion, an irrational understanding of the unknown. Once you ca get that down, WILD will be much easier, keep up the good work :ok:

Oops, I actually meant 10 a day :shy: . Buuuut 10 an hour isn’t a bad starting point now that I think about it :razz:

Any way’s you guys use to remember to do RC’s during the day? I tend to do them whenever, I tried setting an alarm every hour on my phone.

I like to use Stephen LaBerge’s “Prospective Memory Training” for my RC’s.
It basically consists of keeping a lookout for random events during the day and perform a RC the first time you notice them.

It’s a great way to improve your ability to notice dreamsigns.


  1. Read the day’s targets
    This exercise is designed to be practiced over an entire week. Below is a set of four target events for each day of the week. When you get up in the morning, read only the targets for that day. (Do not read the targets before the proper day. )
    Memorize the day’s targets.

  2. Look for your targets during the day
    Your goal is to notice the next occurrence of each event, at which time you will perform a state test: “Am I dreaming?”
    So, if your target is, “The next time I hear a dog bark, “ when you hear this next, note it and do a state test.
    You are aiming to notice the target once—the next time it happens.

  3. Keep track of how many target events you hit
    At the end of the day, write down how many of the four targets you succeeded in noticing (you can make a space in your dream journal to record your progress with this exercise).
    If you realize during the day that you missed your first chance to notice one of your targets, then you have failed to hit that target, even though you may notice its occurrence later in the day.
    If you are certain that one or more of the targets did not occur at all during the day, say so with a note in your dream journal.

  4. Continue the exercise for at least one week
    Practice the exercise until you have tried all of the daily targets given below. If at the end of the week, you are still missing most of the targets, continue until you can hit most of them.
    Make up your own list of targets, keep track of your success rate, and observe how your memory develops.

Daily Targets

The next time I see a pet or animal
The next time look at my face in a mirror
The next time turn on a light
The next time see a flower

The next time write anything down
The next time feel pain
The next time I hear someone say my name
The next time I drink something

The next time I see a traffic light
The next time I hear music
The next time I throw something in the garbage
The next time I hear laughter

The next time I turn on a television or radio
The next time I see a vegetable
The next time I see a red car
The next time I handle money

The next time I read something other than this list
The next time I check the time
The next time I notice myself daydreaming
The next time I hear the telephone ringing

The next time I open a door
The next time I see a bird
The next time I use the toilet after noon
The next time I see the stars

The next time I put a key in a lock
The next time I see an advertisement
The next time I eat anything after breakfast
The next time I see a bicycle[/b][/i]


I’ve found that staying positive definitely helps things along, and since you’ve had FAs and such, I’m sure an LD is on the way! Just remember, you can’t force yourself to have LDs, you can only nudge your SC it in the right direction. So if your brain needs time to get the hint, it’s not your fault. Just be patient and enjoy your NDs. :smile:

Thanks guys! I’ll definitely try that technique laurelindo, it sounds super legit! And I must say I finally had a very short LD today!!! I guess I can count it as my first. I’m going to make a post to see what people think about it! Thanks again for your input guys!!

If you were aware that you were dreaming during the dream, then it was a lucid dream. :smile:
You don’t need to have any actual control over the dream or anything like that, lucidity is simply defined as realizing that you are in a dream.

I highly recommend MILD as it’s described on that site, you could say it is like a very powerful foundation for everything that involves lucid dreaming. :content:
The man who created the technique, Dr. Stephen LaBerge, was able to increase his LD frequency from 1 a week to 30 a month in three years with that technique alone.

Wow 30 a month, that’s amazing! I’ve become pretty dedicated to the whole LD experience and I love the suggestions I’ve been getting. One thing I am also looking into is meditation. I’m already pretty good at it and now I’m trying to incorporate it into my dreaming and building self-awareness that will carry into my dreams.