Funny quotes, situations and powers in dreams

Dream was strange - I was beet.

I know that sometime happens that people are dreaming about being opposite sex, but being a vegetable…

I had a really fun LD recently where I decided to experiment with the DC’s. I was in a really good mood and decided to break into a song. Then all the nearby DC’s started joining in from their cars, buildings, etc. just like a Disney movie!

In a dream of mine, Kristin Kreuk, from “Smallville” series, were the moster thing from “Lost” series O.o. She levitated around and desintegrated people. =P

I already posted this in another thread but I think its more fitting here:
One time in a dream one of my friends convinced me that this old man who he had been following was a giant lobster in disguise and we were going to capture and eat him in a festive banquet. After devising several extremely stupid plans (all failed) to catch this “lobster in disguise” We gave up only to find out he in fact not a lobster. the end. lol pretty stupid I guess

In a recent dream of mine I had to refuse a marriage to a crazy little girl who talked a lot of nonsense and was covered in dried mud, leaves and feathers. She also worshipped a demon.

So I decided to be nice (Read: Fear of horrible death), and told her I couldn’t marry her just because my dad “thought she was weird”.

Me: But I really think you are beautiful!

Mr. Smooth. That’s me.
slaps dream-self in the back of the head

Long story short, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles meets Pirates of the Caribbean. I was a ninja turtle, and I jumped in the water to try to save Orlando Bloom. My dreams get pretty wierd when I sleep late, don’t they?

It sound cool to be a ninja turtle !

:shock: Did someone go to the movies yesterday? :tongue: What a cool dream! :happy:

I watched TMNT recently, but that was about it. And about Orlando Bloom, he stopped drowning when I jumped in. That’s when I started drowning until a deus ex machina scene change saved me.

Three days ago, in the begining of the dream, I was with Jet Li going through a fried-chicken-made cave O.o"
At the end of the dream, Jet Li killed some guy throwing a hashi in his throat… a “little” crazy, but one of the best dreams I ever had =P

I was in a place that resembled a sewer. (without the smell thank goodness) I was walking down a concrete runway and when I turn around to strike a pose, I look down and find that I have a pair of breasts AND that im wearing 8 inch platform boots! :unk:

It turns out im Mel B (Scary Spice) of the Spice Girls… :rofl:

I got one. But I’m not sure you’ll find it as funny as I did.
JD from the show Scrubs is renting a room. Happens to be a room in my house but it has no significance. He is compelled to touch everything in the room. paintings and such. Then, other charactes from the show all come in at the same time to yell at him but they all stop in their tracks and look like they feel something is wrong but they can’t tell what. JD first looks at them like they did something weird then he looks at the room like they are al doing. He realises what it is that’s bothering them. And he explains it like he has had to explain before. “Everything is slightly ascew.”

I had a false awakening dream once, and it was quite humorous in my eyes…

    I was in a store, with this transparant kangaroo, that me and my good friend Brittany were fighting over, (little did we know he was pimping us) and we decided to share him, and he had his hand around bolth of us, so we were happy  :eh: Then I woke up, and he was by my bedside with some roses, and I asked what he was doing O.o. Said he needed to go to the cleaners....So I fall out of bed and wake up, and then he's there again, with some laundry   :tongue: and I just ask him how many times is he going to visit me in the morning, and he told me "I need to go eat a baby." and left...then I woke up in real life and laughed  :content:

The best ive heard in a long time ! xD

Then it is proven , games mess with your dreams :tongue:

:lol: You don’t know how much this made me laugh… :grin:

From my DJ

I was playing with my best friend Duke in the giant playground outside hishouse. Occastionally we would go inside, but we mostly stayed outside.

To the north of his house were these impossibly large trees, about the size of the twin towers. On top of these trees (thery were evergreens with pointy tips) was a man like bert from Mary Poppins. :confused: I tell my friend about him along with my parents but they don’t seem to think that it was important. (note; “Bert” was about the size of the trees, and was on the very top, not moving at all, looking like he was iceskating on one leg.)

So I keep on playing until I get curious and yell at “Bert” ‘Hello’. Immedeatly I hear a very loud ringing noise and he starts moving closer. IRL, my back bends :uh: and I wake up.

Na is a SG of mine just so you know…