Funny quotes, situations and powers in dreams

“The general population of Martin Luther is up to no good!” --engraving on a sign outside a haunted house in some HI

"It’s the real ticket! --lyric to a song I heard in some HI

"Sleep with your circus pants on. --another song lyric

In one dream, Blockbuster Video was trying to persecute my family for stealing a video cassette. We enlisted the mayor’s help, of course.

In another, there was a mathematical constant that stood for the perfect angle at which we should tilt our heads. A famous weatherman that all the ladies loved was kind enough to provide me with the exact value of the constant.

In yet another dream, the characters Marty McFly and Emmett Brown (from the Back to the Future films) were named John McFly and Frank Brown.

“God died on the roof…”

The kid-version of Michael Jackson–after his skin-change–told me this on the roof of a daycare…I still wonder what it means :uh:

Maybe your SC believes God is dead (The roof -> heaven), or that he didn’t exist (The roof -> Something upper, maybe mind or a higher state of it.)

Or maybe not. Maybe it’s crazy gibberish from dreams :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy:

:uh: Interesting concept, Rod…:hmmm:

But that would mean that his subconscious is Michael Jackson. :huh:

runs away

It wasn’t a funny scene…more odd. I had found myself floating in a large room when two organisms appeared. They were shiney blobs of round mush that looked almost metalic. I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but for some reason I knew they were having sex. There wasn’t any exchange of body parts or fluids to give it away i just knew somehow…
It was the kind of dream where you wake up and go “…dude, WTF…”

Thats the last time I watch .hack// before I go to bed…


…I guess, at least if he can dance good…:shrug:


This must have been one of my first Lucid Dreams. Like you might have read in one of my threads, I was trying to find Jenny (XJ9, MLAATR). Having failed many times, I decided to ask the first dream character I saw to help me. The dream started inside my house.

I walk up to my school friend and I ask, “Why can’t I find Jenny?” She looks at me and says, “Because you’re a slut.” I then I ask, “No seriously, why?” She responds, “Because you’re too much of a bitch.” I turned away in frustration.

When I woke up I was like… what the hell is this!? :cry:

hi guys! I was just wondering what was the funniest power or funniest thing you did when you were lucid?

For example, when i was young and i had a lucid dream (at the time i didn’t know this was unusual or anything), i remember i was able to point at a DC and they would Sh*t themselves literally!! :biggrin: :toilet:

Can anyone beat that?

Noooo, I can’t beat that! :lol:

I haven’t had any really ‘funny’ powers in lucid dreams (plenty in normal dreams, though!), but the most unusual perhaps would be broomstick riding. Even that’s not all that uncommon, though.

My weirdest power in a normal dream would have to be the specific ability to shoot 3D illusory yellow smiley faces out from the tip of my finger. I could control the expressions on said faces at will, and I sent a few grizzled, angry ones at people to make them run in the opposite direction. :tongue:

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While reading these funny dreams I realized that maybe our subconcious is making up funny dreams to relieve us of some stress going on in real life and make us feel better. The subconcious is always aware of these things and maybe it understands what things are funny and what things are not.

Do any of you people that had funny dreams go through stressful situations in life once in a while? It may cause funny dreams!

Does anyone agree with this thought?

I uh…married a pinpple and then i had to eat 100 tomatoes to get a divorce >_>

I draemt that i died from choking on orange juice!! :razz: i became a ghost :smile: and everytime i said “Artifical Intelligence”, i could go visible and people could see me! I feel that that dream had a meaning hidden behind it. I mean Artifical Intelligence? :confused:

I’m sorry :shy:…i didn’t know where to put it but that is amazing! Shooting smilies huh? :tongue: that’s a good one!

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I agree… it would be good if our subconcious cares like that… and why wouldn’t it? I think the subconcious does not do it for us, but for itself. As how can our subconcious exist, if we do not live? or if we go insane? Our subconcious could become our concious…

My dream this morning:

After a little bit, I decide to meet with my Spirit Guide to ask him his name (which i found out was Alexander). so I said “Study Guide, Come Here!” and it did. The Bio Chapter 15 study guide I had done for homework a few nights ago appeared in front of my. :rofl: I realized what I had said and corrected myself, then my SPIRIT guide appeared and, i think he was almost laughing :tongue:

Ysim, your post made me

Shooting smilies? :eh:


I this dream a loooooooooong time ago…

I turned into some kinda ninja person with some friends of mine there…lol…we beat up these bad people that were like 600 pounds lol and I could crawl around on the roof :happy:

Once I dreamed I was trying to get a character from the Harry Potter series to sign my invisible hat while he waited in line at a movie theater. o_o