Funny thing about dream diaries...

Haha! Yes this happens to me all the time.
Here a some humorous entries of which I have no recollection:

  • I went on a philosophy trip (I do it at A-level) in a sky carpet that was bending cos of the rings.


-Got lent money by Captain Kirk because I am a hard worker.

Seriously… what?

HAhahaha this sounds hillarious, I would love for something like this to happen to me :smile:


From last nights entry:

I was walking on a bridge and a guy shot me because he thought I was “bridgewalking”.

I read this sentance aloud, and almost fell out of my chair.

I had a dream where I wrote down a dream I had in that dream in my diary when back to sleep and continued dreaming another dream and then woke up, found my pad blank and went “What the!”

Yep. I’ve had that happen to me. Isn’t it a bummer – especially when now that you’re really awake, you can’t remember the dream anymore? :confused: Though sometimes I’ve found that it seems to “count” as a conscious review and “sets” the memory quite well.

Luckily I have a good memory and remembered all three dreams. I find myself making a RC every time I write down in my diary now… :grin:

Hehe. Some of these are really funny!

Usually when I read what I’ve written down it makes perfect sense. But I always describe what I mean in detail, so that’s probably why.

However, there have been a couple of times when I didn’t have time to finish writing up the dream all at once and I’ll just round it up with keywords to come back to later. Total weirdness ensues. Example:

“the evil boy on the stage with the bubbles and chairs and Aladdin”

…and “can also write about plague of evilness and the cure which is almost destroyed but saved just in time… and the traitor nurse, the good nurse and all the evil nurses”


Ya I have a few of these in my dream journal. Its hand written so I can barely read some of them. One looks like it says: The Loa are superheros. they are seperated in the building. they are losing.

I dont know what “The Loa” are or what building they are in but apprently I dreamed about it. I also have an entry that is scribling that doesnt even look like it was trying to be words, just violent looking scribbles. Its obviously my handwriting though.

the funny thing about my dream diary is that i’m very lasy and always forget about writting! actually i’ve been pretty assiduate in my journal, but i usually just write like an hour after i wake up. and i’ve only started writting last week! - it’s fucked up to be a lazy irresponsible bastard…

If I write down a dream in the middle of the night I’ll usually only vaguely remember it and I wont be able to read my writing at all.


I was trying to decipher my notes a few days ago…

"tyranasaurus? – Nah, I’m sure there weren’t any dinosaurs in my dreams last night. And certainly not in association with ‘cafeteria’…

‘Fireman sir’ ? – Nope, that doesn’t feel right…

What could that first letter be. Maybe I can try to duplicate it, and figure out what I was trying to write… Hmmm, doesn’t seem it’s supposed to be a ‘P’ or a ‘D’

‘Theramin’ ? – Well, that’s plausable. But it doesn’t ring any bells…

Eventually, out of the blue (30 minutes later), after I’d given up and I was transcribing the next dream, it came to me at last, as I finally remembered the scene – the word was ‘tiramisu’ (the layer cake)!

lol all of these all cool… hmm… maybe i’ll start a ND diary…

lol … funny stuff…

I’ve just started keeping a dream journal… I have 4 NDs recorded. The second one I was still half asleep when I wrote apparently because it’s mostly just scribbling all over the page and almost completely illegible. I don’t remember the dream, but the only word I was able to decipher was ‘sex’. Doh! too bad I forgot that one.

Heck – my handwriting’s pretty poor when I’m properly awake!

Yeah it has happened to me. I will go back and read older entries from my dream journal and be like, huh lol. I know I wrote this but goodness I don’t really remember this dream.

I feel that is why it is good to write your dreams down as soon as you wake up. There are many mornings where I really don’t feel like it. My eyes are half open my hand is still half asleep, but I do it because it really helps me with dream recall in the future as well as interpreting my dreams and noticing recurring symbols and patterns.

In the long run, it really helps you to learn more about yourself and helps to solve problems in this life. :happy:

Oh, does anyone notice how you will start to remember stuff from your dreams during the day while doing other stuff? Then you gotta try to go write it down or add it to your DJ ? This has been happening to me a lot lately. It’s like certain things during the day will trigger my memory of a dream I had the night before. :eek:

No, not at all. In fact, it’s the exact opposite for me (probably because there IS nothing in my daily life that even comes close to my weird dreams!). I remember the details of a dream when I wake up and commit them to memory so that I can call them up when I need to. Then, I get out of bed and promptly let myself “forget” everything. During the day I don’t think about dreaming at all.

But at night time, as soon as I sit back down in my bed and get my laptop ready to type up the dream, the details come flooding back. Sometimes even parts I didn’t remember when I first woke up. I think it’s being in bed that triggers the memories, for sure.

Cool, Storm. :wink:

So, yours are triggered later in the day when you get back into bed. I see.

For me it’s with any random thing during the day. I was looking out my window one day and saw a tiny bug on the screen, then it hit me! I had a weird dream the other night about bugs that completely slipped my mind until that moment lol.

Then I go and write it down in my DJ.

I’ve had this happen, too. I was watching a movie and when a doctor picked up a scalpal I was hit with a memory of a dream I had where I was trying to get this knife/scalpal thing from a dream DC… I couldn’t recall much more about it, but the movie triggered it, and I didn’t remember it at ALL before that.

I usually remember more dreams from last night when I go to bed the night after.