Funny thing about dream diaries...

Do you guys ever do this?

I will wake up in the morning, and write down the dream I just had. I’m usually so tired, that my eyes aren’t even open. I just write. Then I go back to sleep cuz I don’t wanna go to school. When I get back up and write down my new dream, I read the old one, and have absolutely NO memory of the first dream.

Thats not the funny part. It’s the feeling of shock when you read what you dreamt. I woke up and read one sentence in cockeyed handwriting…-
“I almost got hit by a train.”

I was all, WTF?

It’s happened to me more than once, but this is the most recent occasion. Does this happen to anyone else?

I’m sure it would to me if I was that dedicated.

I once woke up, and read this sentence, (on computer, because I type them in to my keyboard next to my bed)…

"travis was in my bedroom watching tv. he said he w as “nabbing some bevareges!”

I don’t remember anything of the sort occuring. Very odd, and kind of humorous.

I don’t write down my whole dream when I wake up from one, just key words. Then I write it all out later when I’m up for the day. Sometimes I really have no idea what they mean though, similar to what you described…

I usually remember the first dream if I write it down. Most likely because I have to wake myself up a bit to be able to see anything at all of what I’m writing. But sometimes during the days a dream suddenly comes back to me, and that does feel strange :eh:

I kind of use a dream diary, but not when I first wake up, when I wake up I wonder “What did I dream about?” I’ll ponder it for a moment, if it’s a school day by the time I’m either just entering or exiting 1st block I write down the keywords of the dream. If it’s a holiday I’ll actually write it down…well type.

Haha! Yes this happens to me all the time.
Here a some humorous entries of which I have no recollection:

  • I went on a philosophy trip (I do it at A-level) in a sky carpet that was bending cos of the rings.


-Got lent money by Captain Kirk because I am a hard worker.

Seriously… what?

HAhahaha this sounds hillarious, I would love for something like this to happen to me :smile:


From last nights entry:

I was walking on a bridge and a guy shot me because he thought I was “bridgewalking”.

I read this sentance aloud, and almost fell out of my chair.

I had a dream where I wrote down a dream I had in that dream in my diary when back to sleep and continued dreaming another dream and then woke up, found my pad blank and went “What the!”

Yep. I’ve had that happen to me. Isn’t it a bummer – especially when now that you’re really awake, you can’t remember the dream anymore? :confused: Though sometimes I’ve found that it seems to “count” as a conscious review and “sets” the memory quite well.

Luckily I have a good memory and remembered all three dreams. I find myself making a RC every time I write down in my diary now… :grin:

Hehe. Some of these are really funny!

Usually when I read what I’ve written down it makes perfect sense. But I always describe what I mean in detail, so that’s probably why.

However, there have been a couple of times when I didn’t have time to finish writing up the dream all at once and I’ll just round it up with keywords to come back to later. Total weirdness ensues. Example:

“the evil boy on the stage with the bubbles and chairs and Aladdin”

…and “can also write about plague of evilness and the cure which is almost destroyed but saved just in time… and the traitor nurse, the good nurse and all the evil nurses”


Ya I have a few of these in my dream journal. Its hand written so I can barely read some of them. One looks like it says: The Loa are superheros. they are seperated in the building. they are losing.

I dont know what “The Loa” are or what building they are in but apprently I dreamed about it. I also have an entry that is scribling that doesnt even look like it was trying to be words, just violent looking scribbles. Its obviously my handwriting though.

the funny thing about my dream diary is that i’m very lasy and always forget about writting! actually i’ve been pretty assiduate in my journal, but i usually just write like an hour after i wake up. and i’ve only started writting last week! - it’s fucked up to be a lazy irresponsible bastard…

If I write down a dream in the middle of the night I’ll usually only vaguely remember it and I wont be able to read my writing at all.


I was trying to decipher my notes a few days ago…

"tyranasaurus? – Nah, I’m sure there weren’t any dinosaurs in my dreams last night. And certainly not in association with ‘cafeteria’…

‘Fireman sir’ ? – Nope, that doesn’t feel right…

What could that first letter be. Maybe I can try to duplicate it, and figure out what I was trying to write… Hmmm, doesn’t seem it’s supposed to be a ‘P’ or a ‘D’

‘Theramin’ ? – Well, that’s plausable. But it doesn’t ring any bells…

Eventually, out of the blue (30 minutes later), after I’d given up and I was transcribing the next dream, it came to me at last, as I finally remembered the scene – the word was ‘tiramisu’ (the layer cake)!

lol all of these all cool… hmm… maybe i’ll start a ND diary…

lol … funny stuff…

I’ve just started keeping a dream journal… I have 4 NDs recorded. The second one I was still half asleep when I wrote apparently because it’s mostly just scribbling all over the page and almost completely illegible. I don’t remember the dream, but the only word I was able to decipher was ‘sex’. Doh! too bad I forgot that one.

Heck – my handwriting’s pretty poor when I’m properly awake!