funny thing happened

i’ve been trying to ld for a little while now and last night i had a dream where i was reading the bible. however the whole book had heiroglyphics and while reading i noticed that one of the heiroglyphics changed when i looked back at it. instead of becoming lucid, which i shouldve, i wrote my friend a letter telling him how weird the book was. is this normal while first starting out? or am i just really dense.

This is VERY normal and as well a VERY good sign that you are close to having a lucid dream! Before my first lucid dream I kept on doing RCs by looking at digital clocks. I have a digital clock by my bed and one time while fading in and out of dreams in the morning, I noticed the time read 2 hours earlier than the last time I had looked at it. I immediately assumed I must have been dreaming the last time I looked at the clock, when really I was dreaming right then! I couldn’t stop laughing after I woke up.

  Everyone seems dense at first, but if obvious dreamsigns are happening and you resolve that the next time you see it you will become lucid, chances are you will.  Keep trying and good luck!