Future Dreaming????

Ok, last night i had a really weird, long and vivid dream.I am currently doing a theatre show, and that is what i dreamt about. I dreamt that the lighting was all stuffed up, there were video cameras and some other personal things :wink: During today, all these things actually happened!!! :eek: :bored: The lighting was deleted and screwed up, my friend was videotaping things, and the other stuff happened as well. WHAT THE???
How did this happen, and has anyone ever had anything like this happen to them before :confused: ???

I believe the common theory on this is that it’s a variation on deja vu:

Something happens, a glitch is created in memory storage and it is stored in short-term and in long-term memory at the same time. Thus you feel you have seen it before. You wonder where you saw it. You haven’t been here before so it must’ve been in a dream. All of a sudden you remember the dream.

The big question is, did you remember the dream before the events happened or after? If before, maybe the dream influenced your actions of the day? Maybe you only noticed things that matched your dream just because you were expecting them to happen? This last one is to blame for many “paranormal” events - probability makes weird things happen, and the weirdness of them makes you remember them and not all the times they didn’t happen.

However I have once experienced this in its weirdest form which is quite inexplicable. Once, for a period of time lasting about 5 minutes, I was able to “remember” what was going to happen, from an earlier dream. I proved it to myself by telling my friends things (improbable things, like “that kid will fall down when he passes that tree”) that were going to happen, and watching them happen for real. This way i knew it wasn’t all in my head.

I’m a very scientific guy and couldn’t explain that experience in rational terms without just making nonsensical things up, so I just tell people the story, and don’t try to read into it.

I did actually remember the dream before all of this happened, and i wrote it down in my DJ. weird.
(cool about the telling of the future thing :wink: )

Being a scientific person, what does that mean? Does it mean you adhere to anything that the so called serious scientists have come up with untill now, and that anyhthing else is just crap even though you truly experienced it? I say that is a very un-scientific attitude! We should take up the science of the unexplained :wink:. This does not mean we should jump to premature conclusions for the sake of desiring certain things to be true, just that we keep an open mind on possible explanations that are so called “un-scientific” (which I think they are not, because all that is, is part of science, albeit mostly science of the future probably).

I have had 2 precognitive dreams so far that i can remember. One it was about a robber stealing some things of my property; i woke up in the morning and like half hour later that happened, though in my dream it wasn’t that accurate. The second one was a little more accurate and happened the next day. And today i THINK i had another premonition or 2.
The first was after the last Criss Angel episode so far. I was at this grocery store in third person view and Criss Angel gave this woman a bunch of canadian money. The woman puzzled and confused didn’t know what to do with the money, later she found out that the money was all counted with a specific amount. I can’t remember much but i remember it was like 23,170 of canadian dollars or something but then the numbers changed to 23-17. The other “premonition” i think, was me in a place that i might say Japan, there was this fireman truck with a bomb inside of it. They were warning us about running away from there; i did that and hid in a far place awating for the explosion (that never happened). BTW i became low lucid for a second i think…
Talking about premonitions and stuff i recommend you to watch next to last episode of Criss Angel. That episode’s about a premonition he had in a dream; and he proved it by going to a radio station and recording the events. Watch it this next wednesday on A&E.

That’s awesome Mithboy78. Who truly knows how it can happen when it does.

I can see where Rectifier talks of different forms of deja vú because I’ve had deja vús where I would sit and wait for what I remembered seeing but nothing happened.

I think deja vú is possible but not the explanation in this case.

Like CranberryDude I’ve had precog dreams too and I have yet to come to an explanation.

There is a theory about premonitions; When you have a premonition you are basically receiving data from your subconcious telling you something you weren’t aware conciously.
I read this somewhere and since then i’ve used it as an example for this theory. Let’s say that this person is working in his office; while doing some work on his computer he unconciously looks to his left and notices a sticky saying that next tuesday there’s gonna be cleaning in the hall of the building. But he didn’t pay any attention since he was occupied working on his busy projects.
That was friday. The days had passed and the day is now monday.Tuesday is approaching, in fact is the day previous. It’s bedtime; the guy “surprisingly” has this premonition that he was going to his office and slips off and fall due to the wet floor left by the cleaning. His Unconcious was merely telling what could happen if he didn’t take action, he doesn’t remember the sticky conciously so the unconcious takes part by telling him in the easiest way it could tell him that is in a dream.
He decides that was “Just a dream” and ignores the warning.
The day is tuesday and he is making his way to the job. When he arrives the building he starts having this eerie feeling like something’s gonna happen but he again decideds to ignore it.
Closer to the event, the unexpected happens, he falls on his back due to the wet floor. A quick thought comes to his mind; “i could’ve avoided, is this a deja vú?”…
think about it

I had a dream like that once, I like the band Mazzy star, and I dreamed that my parents got me a Mazzy star album for Christmas, I never told my parents about Mazzy star, but the next morning I got up, and my parents had got me the Bat Man forever sound track, and Mazzy star did a song on that album. I dreamt it Christmas eve night.
I guess thats not much of a coincidence, but it was still cool.