Galantamine + Choline= lucid dreams

YES! it works i got these pills from a website and the capsule contains 4 mg of galantamine and 200 mg of choline and i had a LD!! IT WORKS! :grin:

Just because something happens once doesn’t means there’s a correlation. I’m still skeptical of these purported lucid dream pills, and it may just be placebo if anything. Try experimenting. Go without the pills for a week or so then try them again for a week, and record how many LDs you have each week.

I’m not sure what Galantamine is nor Choline. Either way as long as taking the pill works for you then great! It might be just a placebo, but who knows? I think I’ll stick with learning lucid dreaming naturally.

LDing is really fun, but i don’t think that pills are the way to go. especially if they are from a site. besides it takes all the personal feeling of achievement out of it and shoves it in a pill.

what ever if it can get me lucid then I’m interested :tongue:

Agreed! I mean, LD’s are very cool, but achieving them “by yourself” is also great.

Since I started trying to have LD’s I’ve been taking B6 (for other reasons) and some tie ago I started with choline. So I couldn’t tell if they help or not… I hope not! Since someday I’ll stop taking them and I still want to be able to LD “on my own”. :tongue:

:bored: … hehe , i think if you haven’t had lucid dreams yet … you should learn it naturally first before ingesting pills. (you could do it the other way round but i think tha doesn make too much sense in the long run … plus yt your age you should be carefull :wink: )

About the potency … i think it actually HAS an effect … if that gets you lucid is another story for another day.

Someone should test this once and for all. Have a group of people taking the pill but not knowing whether it’s the real deal or a placebo so they can switch back and forth and see which gets better results. I personally want to achieve all natural LDs.

Personally, I agree with the decision that you should learn it naturally, as with any skill part of the sense of achievement is that you’ve stuck at it and you feel good with the results, and if you want to go further, you might feel inclined to just “go for a pill” with any other things you want to achieve in life.

Well, for those of us who very rarely achieve lucidity, I think there is nothing wrong with taking the pills. If they worked to where you got an LD every time you take them, then you will begin to learn to recognize you are dreaming. It IS a way of learning, so you in the long run will have a much much higher chance of becoming lucid if you have LDs that often.

Do any drug stores sell galantamine pills? I would like to try these as apparently they really do help, but I can’t seem to find them anywhere. I can buy the choline from GNC, and I’d really rather not have to order anything online as I don’t personally have a credit card.

Edit: I found out they sell galantamine at Walgreens, but do I need a prescription?

LD411-please reply if you have any more results…I am really excited about trying this.

Galantamine acts almost as a sort of brain enhancer kind of. It increases dream vividness by a lot and has your brain on a slightly more awake level making it much easier to LD.

Choline acts as a memory booster, making dream recall excellent. The two of them combined is an all-star lucid dream team.

yea i got another short LD with this but this is best when taken with WBTB because you have a better chance to become lucid. Only take 1 pill though because if you take more it will keep you awake. No you do not need a prescription for this(i think)

I only take this like 2 times a week because if you take them to much there can be side effects :grrr:

If i dont get a LD with this i get very vivid dreams and that helps with my dream recall :smile:

You take it like an hour before bed or something?

no i usually sleep for about 4-5 hours then take 1 pill and go back to sleep. You can take it before going to bed but that won’t give you as good results. I suggest you should sleep for like 4-5 hours then take 1 pill and go back to sleep for better results! :smile:

That would work better for me anyway. When I initially get into bed, theres no telling when I’ll fall asleep. It typically takes over an hour, however when i do WBTB it only takes a few minutes.

hope it works for you! :grin:

I bought this product call GalantaMind for $40 at a little nutrition shop not too far away from me. Came with 90 (4mg) capsules.

Stats are:
200mg Choline
4mg Galantamine
100mg Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5)

I’m going to try this tonight and I’ll post back tomorrow and tell everyone how it goes. :content:

and I would say you had some positive results using this. I dont think choline alone will give you any real benifit but the galantamine and the b5 will help increase dream recall and vividness. Take too much and you will make yourself sick though. choline helps boost galantamine so is useful when used as a combination, if taken by its self I think you would only notice a difference i f you have enough galantamine in your system

Galantamine and Choline definitely worked for me. I really struggled to have lucid dreams until about 2 years ago. I would have 10 LDs in a good year. Then I discovered the the book ‘Advanced Lucid Dreaming’ and started looking at this method. Now I take them at weekends and get about a 50% hit rate - but on successful nights I might have several different types of dream experience - LDs, OOBEs, visitors etc. I now get about 40 dreams a year but because I know when they are likely, I can plan more for what to do. In this way my LD development is progressing much quicker. I usually sleep for 5 hours and then take the supplements.