Galantamine method

Hello. I need some help w Galantamine method. (Sorry for my Eng)
Im using WBTB after 5h of sleeping.
So, the problem is that if I sleep after 4MG galantamine, I can become aware of myself in the middle of a dream. In this case the dream will be with ~good quallity and I can deepen it by feeling objects.
But last 2 weeks I can’t sleep after galantamine dose. (I use it once a week 4mg after 5h sleeping). And everything like in Thomas Ushak’s book (i don’t know how are you call this method but I call it direct method - entering to LD without sleeping)
So, I’m entering to dream’s space, but it has so low and unstable quality and getting out to bed/non-lucid dream. I know everything about deepen techniques (touch items/walls/watch hands etc) but if I entering lucid dream via direct method this techniques are just not working.
Im doing this techinques but it only keeps me awake.As soon as I stop trying, the dream starts to disappear. It feels like my brain isn’t ready to show me a picture.
Hope you know how2solve this problem

never heard of Galantamine, what is it?

It’s a Central acetylcholinesterase inhibitor(whatever that means), and is sometimes used to alleviate symptoms of dementia in patients with Alzheimer’s. It’s manufacturing and supply chain seems questionable.
Personally I wouldn’t ever use this, but perhaps you’ve built some sort of tolerance to it? Maybe your frustration with it no longer “working” as you intended are causing your restlessness?

I concur. I’m very suspicious of any substance procured over the internet. Who knows what it is.