Get Back on the Bandwagon

Alright, I haven’t been lucid in a long while. Just stopped trying I suppose. I ceased to keep a dream journal and just slacked off in the LD department. I want to get back to being a practicing lucid dreamer. Any of you who have ever done this(been having LD’s and keeping a DJ, then stop for a 5-6 months, then start up again), could you give me some advice on easy ways to get lucid again?

Besides obvious things like keep a DJ again, etc.

I haven’t undergone the slacking off period so I don’t have any personal tips. Though I will say this. You used to practise lucid dreaming so you know how you got there and what works for you, assuming you had some success before. Why don’t you read through the old DJ and just get motivated? Remember why you used to do it and such.
I just remembered, i did use to practise lucid dreaming half assedly few years back, before i decided to put the whole ass into it. and then there was slacking a plenty. One night I was just up thinking. Thinking about the old ‘if i had three wishes’ question. And I was thinking about omnipotence and how to apply it and that sort of thing. also about a computer to simulate reality. i though about it for a few hours. doing nothing else. and then i went to bed… and only then i realised there was such a thing as lucid dreaming and i briefly added to my wish that i would be lucid in all my dreams. And ofcourse i had a lucid dream then after having none for a long time. It was a doozy too so I got motivated again.
hehe. Yeah, that was a great story…

Yes. I’ve experienced this. You have to start all again from the beginning but it’s easier and quicker cause you have already some experience. Thus, 1) get DR back 2) when it’s good enough, practice LD’ing techniques and focus on the techniques that you know are well working with you.