getting close?

I was attempting something like m 5th WILD last night, but something weird happened. I started to feel small and kind of felt a slight moving sensation. Then i just got frustrated and went to bed. Was i even close? :help:

You say that you went to bed, were you trying to WILD from something else than your bed? The moving sensation is a common hallucination and part of the WILD process. :cool:

i think you might want to try harder How long were you lying down? Did you move around at all? at any rate as long as you keep trying your eventually get it :grin:

It depends how long you were lying there, if it was around 10 - 20 minutes, then the moving sensation was probobly your physical body falling asleep.


  1. Look at hands 5 minutes (take the time, dont cheat yourself)

  2. Lie on back/side/stomach

3.(hardest step) keep your mind on a leash. There has to be balance between letting your mind produce HI, and staying aware.:astral: Takes a couple times to get right.

  1. Wait

5.Reapeat step 4. Lather.Rinse. Repeat

  1. When you see HI (a kid for example) shake his hand. If he says something without YOU controlling what he says, then BAM Congrats youve done it.

  2. repeat steps 4-5 while part 3 is in play

  3. by now your in WILD and should see a great lots of HI and should get the “black getting blacker” as I call it. walk in and have fun


:confused: I have tried WILD 4 times now and haven’t been able to make it happen. I usually get bored after 30 or 40 minutes and stop trying. But i think i might have gotten kind of close one time. I was lying there in bed and was trying to get some HI going. After some time, still with no HI, i started to feel my face “disappear,” kind of like i was dipping my head into a bucket of water. It started in between my eyes and nose and spread away towards my ears, forehead, and chin. But i got distracted by my fan and couldn’t keep that sensation going. Does anyone else experience that sensation when trying WILD? :help:

thanks epiphany, ive been trying it and am getting closer.

I’d like to ask you how long did it take for the HI to start after the body is fallen asleep.
I’m trying WILD in this period and I can fall asleep consciously but I can’t stand the feeling of my body being numb and still and I usually wake up if there’s nothing entertaining my brain :grin:

PS (I hope I am in topic)