Getting Lazy >:(

Herrow! :smile:

So, I’ve -attempted- WBTB a few nights and honestly have failed miserably, due to one simple, easily fixable reason. Laziness. I wake up, write down whatever I remember in terms of dream recall, and then rather than WILDing, feel too tired and just sleep normally. Any tips to break this bad habit? Thanks guys <3

Yes, get out of the bed! Wash your face with cold water and do something to wake yourself up. After that WILD is not hard, because at the end WILD is nothing more then falling asleep properly.

If you are partially awake after WBTB which is a goal you will have much more success with WILD, you will fall asleep eventually but gradually which is a wanted way of falling asleep while doing WILD and as you will fall asleep you will gradually enter the dream, eventually. :grin: (sorry for this combination of words… :content: )

I’m often too lazy to do that, and the only way (for me) to wake up enough is to get out of the bed and do something that makes you less sleepy, like washing your face.

Alright, seems easy enough. Thanks guys <3

I don´t really think “get out of bed” is a very helpful comment since the problem is that he cannot get our of the bed :eh:

I suggest you put your alarm at the other side of the room so you have to get up to switch it off.
Something a bit strange but I know peple do it, drink alot of water before going to bed, then when you wake up you need to go to the toilet :smile:


I don’t think he is disabled so that he cannot get out of the bed. I know people who are and believe me it has nothing to do with laziness…

“I don’t think he is disabled so that he cannot get out of the bed. I know people who are and believe me it has nothing to do with laziness…”

ehm I don´t think he is disabled either, and i don´t think people who are disabled are so because they are lazy…I dont think there are many who would even consider that.

He said he cannot get out of bed because of lazyness (if he was disabled he would probably state that). I to am having problems getting out of bed at 5 in the morning because lack of motivation. I don´t think the advice “get out of bed” is sufficient so I gave some tips to motivate him.
If you have any advice to him im sure he would be glad if you told him, other than “get out of bed” that is.

I think you got me wrong…

Only thing you can do is to get out of the bed. When you suggested, drinking a lot of water before bed that’s because you will finally need to get out of the bed because you will pee yourself, right. I guess it’s something important to avoid.
I always tried to explain that pure will is much better then stressing your body unnecessarily. Why even consider drinking so much water that you have a need to wake up in the middle of the night when your body whats to. If you use autosuggestion you can wake up when you want because you can never tell if your body is going to wake you up in the middle of a dream or even LD…

I guess that’s one kind of a motivation… But if you are to lazy to do something then it means that the subject is not of a great importance to you.

If the issue is merely getting out of bed, I have an (untested) idea. Sometime during the day, practice getting out of bed. Set an alarm for fifteen minutes, and just lie down and dose. When the alarm goes off, spring out of bed, and reward yourself with a bite of chocolate or something to reinforce your good behavior. Once you’ve trained yourself what to do under ideal conditions, it should be easier when you’re tired and don’t want to get up.

Great idea to train like that G01, that makes me remember. The best way for me to get out of bed early is to tell myself when falling asleep “i have to get up early” repeatadly. And sometimes i wake up naturally just minutes before my alarm clock.

dB_FTS: “Only thing you can do is to get out of the bed”
Not really,you could choose not going out of bed, which is the choice of Iroki.
I agree that if you can motivate yourself and by will get up thats great! but when you are in that state inbetween sleeping and being awake the mind doesn´t reason so well and it´s very easy to go back to sleep without thinking. Ive done it many times and being dissapointed in myself the morning after. Which is why some methods can be a good way to overcome that initial state of being half awake.
Well, thats how i see it anyhow. If you have superstrong will and don´t have this problem I understand your point of view.

No sadly, I don’t have that super strong will and that’s why I suggest to do that. Because staying in bed will only result to falling asleep again. Although there are dreamers that can get awake enough just staying in bed but mostly we can’t wake up ourselves enough to make a transition to dream state. Along the way we would fall asleep unconsciously or almost immediately upon awaking…

haha just remind urself how good lucid dreaming is

As far as suggesting that s/he put his alarm on the other side of the room to make him get out of bed goes, it’s been shown that being woken up abruptly (like by an alarm clock) can cause confusion upon the moment of waking and negatively effect dream recall. So it would be effective in getting him out of bed, but a hindrance as far as remembering dreams goes.

Two(ish) years ago, around the time that I first joined this site, I remember reading a post about WBTB, and it suggested preparing some math problems for yourself to do when you wake up. You do them, which wakes you up, then maybe get a glass of water or something. The problems should be simple algebra, nothing too complex.

The “drink a lot so you wake up and have to pee” solution offered by mindexplorer is an effective alternative to an alarm clock, I just hope you don’t accidentally piss in the bed :lol:

Hope I was at least a little bit helpful.