Getting paid to do lucid dream research???

I know people now and then do LD, AP, OBE, meditation, sleep, etc research… and I figure I’m highly qualified for at least the LD end of the pool…

so how would i go about FINDING a “job” doing this, per se?

I live in Oklahoma… granted I doubt this state does much if any at all research into anything, but…

I want some money!! ! ! !

does anyone have any experience with doing things like this, and have any advice on how to get a “job” doing it, for a while?

You’d probably have to do something like this with a university. I dont think there are many jobs concerning Lucid Dreaming. But I could be wrong.

Maybe google can offer up some answers?

Well, you could always start up your own lucidity institute and become LaBerges arch enemy or something.

not b 4 me he isnt lol. Good luck getting money 4 it, it is vol work, u need 2 be the researcher to get teh cash lol. u r a high lv lucid dreamer yes, but there are a lot that SL used and they didnt get a cent lol. sucks doesnt it :razz:

i don’t usually criticze grammar but that was a bit hard to read timeless soul…

you’re saying most people studied for lucid dreaming are volunteers? I guess that’s probably true, but I’d imagine they’d be wiling to pay for someone like me who is probably like 95% likely to have at least one LD during the session.


… … . . I even speak timeless and have a hard time interpreting that! :tongue:

let me check my TS dictionary:
TS=Timeless Soul
teh=the :lmao:
SL=Steven Laberge

i always wanted to get paid to sleep.

lol Well done DA. :happy:


thats a load of crap you picked on me ages ago with it… i was in a rush. DA is right in a nut shell lol thanx DA :bow:

I did?

I don’t do it a lot.

Getting paid to lucid dream. If only there was a way. :sad:

Well as timeless suggested you could go to collage and get your PhD in psychology, neurology or some thing similar then try to get a research grant.

Another idea !!! You know how gyms have personal trainers. You could hire yourself out as a lucid dreaming coach. :wink:

Well that is all I can think of right now.

Good luck

hhaha a lucid dreaming coach.

maybe i could coerce a hot girl to take up lucid dreaming…

oh the possibilities…

“Just go to sleep now, I need to monitor… your… uhmm… EEG… oh and I forgot to mention, I have to personally attach the electrodes…”

“Shouldn’t they go on my head?”

“umm… no… no… this is an old fashioned EEG.”

heh :smile:

lmfao, wouldnt that be a dream, omg a dream that is it. HR just dream it :happy::D:D:D:D:D