Ginkgo Biloba for increased lucidity of dreams +++

Hey this is my first post because I’m completely new here. I’m Julie. :content:

Gingko Biloba is a herb that increases blood flow to the brain. Normally used by those with Alzheimer’s, it’s used to enhance memory and mental clarity because of its positive effects on the vascular system, especially in the cerebellum. Ginkgo works by increasing blood flow to the brain and throughout the body’s network of blood vessels that supply blood and oxygen to the organ systems. Benefits of enhanced circulation in the brain include improved short and long term memory, increased reaction time and improved mental clarity.

Outside the science room, and in accordance with the increased blood flow, Gingko does wonders for dreams in every aspect. With use there is noted increase in creative mental functions and lucidity of dreams. Being able to recollect memories will definatley help those who have trouble remembering their dreams upon waking and mental clarity can insure that becoming aware of your dreams as you’re having them will be much easier to achieve

I think that anyone who would like to have a better memory, more consistent creative flow, or more lucid dreams with ability to recall their dreams upon awakening would see tangible results after daily doses for 1 - 3 weeks. A dose of 150mg - 300mg daily is needed for the listed effects to occur. (This is contrary to most of the dosage instructions on the containers of Ginkgo obtained from health stores that suggest 50mg - 75mg per day.) The good thing is that there is no such thing as a Gingko Biloba overdose. No negative effects have been reported in the literature even in very large quantities. It’s completely safe and absolutley worth it.

If anyone wants to try it out tell me how your lucid dreams are going after a week or two and see if you notice the results. There factually isn’t such thing as immunity to Gingko so I can essentially guarantee that you will notice a difference. Please let me know how it works for you!

If you already use Gingko daily do you find that your memory and dreams/lucid dreams come easier to you than other people you talk to who don’t take it?

Hmmm, sounds interesting. I did a quick Google and it certainly seems quite popular and well known. I’ll have to give it a try, will let you know how it goes!


Hi anserine,

I’m going to try it out. Do you know much about using it in tincture form? I’ve asked my medical herbalist to do me some (herbal tinctures from medical herbalists are usually the strongest form you can get).

Could this be the ultimate herb to help induce a lucid dreams over and over, I will have to give it a try. But you said you have to overdose on it a little yeah, dunno about that, but ill give it a go all the same

Sounds like it may have a cumulative effect.

It’s not really an “overdose” per say. The suggested amount per day on the bottle is just that, a suggestion, which is always the threshold amount (least amount to take for any results to occur) and it won’t improve much of anything unless it’s used for a long time. The reason they suggest lower dosage is to appeal to those who dislike or can’t find time to swallow pills. My bottle has 65mg per capsule, and the serving suggestion IS 2 a day. (Most bottles just say less.) It’s completely safe to use more than it suggests, they were just trying to give an idea or what to take if you wanted the minimum effects, not nessecarilty what to take if you wanted tangible results.

Like if you keep taking it for years and years will your brain become so amazing your I.Q. goes up? =P

I think though that it doesn’t have a cumalative effect because your body uses the dosage per day, and doesnt nessecarily “store” the herb. The results of Gingko arn’t permanent.* If you stop taking the supplement you’ll find that you’ll regress to nearly the same memory and creative thinking you had before you started taking it, (regression is over a span of aprox. 2 weeks; your blood flow to the brain will stay slightly above normal for 1 month or so- you won’t notice when it slows back to normal) Obviously, your brain is always active, and it uses the Gingko in short term, (you go through 65 to 70 mg in about 8 hours). So unless your brain stopped working and your blood stopped flowing I don’t think it would ever have a cumalilative effect.

*The results that are permanenet are the anti aging effects that the antioxidants establish. Another reason old people use it so much.

I had never actually heard of tincture form until you mentioned it and had to rescue me. lol.

I’m sure that if you converted the dosage to potency level right it would have the same effects with less of the amount to use as taking the capsule twice a day. I’d go ahead and try it out. Tell me how it works out!

Ok I’ll report back on any results. Btw, how often do you get lucid?

Over the past 5 years I lost count after I got to 186. It was 2 to 3 a month before I started using Gingko and now that I am using it (for only a month and 1/2) I’ve been having LD’s an average of twice a week. I don’t guaruntee these kind of results for everyone because I’ve always been a natural Lucid Dreamer. I’ve never had to try to have one and when I WAS trying to have them, (using the WILD technique foir example) I wouldn’t have any. My advice to anyone is just to let them come naturally. Anyone who tries to force an LD to happen with constant overuse of techiniques is probably just setting themselves up for a dissapointment. If you have an active interest instead of an obsession and enjoy and respect your Lucid Dreams when they come then you’ve done enough to be one your way to the next one.

And absolutley, Gingko helps too. :content:

Been taking ginkgo biloba for 3 days now, I’ve had one lucid dream in that time.

Just now I took a 160mg dose, and I could actually feel the increase bloodflow in my head, is this normal? It’s almost like I’m the opposite of being stoned right now.

Just started taking Ginkgo Biloba tablets yesterday, I sure hope these help! (Also practicing WBTB now, I’m bound to have results soon).

The bottle I bought from the supermarket is called Ginkgo Biloba 2000. And, as the name suggests, each tablets contains 2000mg of Ginkgo. I’m glad you can’t overdose on this, as the bottle recommends that adults take three tablets daily, that’s 6000mg!! (or 6g)

Actually, it’s 2000mg of the leaf, which probably contains about 40mg of a standardized extract, read the fine print on the bottle. A real 2000mg dose would probably send ya right to the sh*tter :bored:

Right you are. I did read the fine print, but it’s not made all that clear (until you pointed this out). It’s 2000mg of dried leaf, 10.68mg of ginkgo flavonglycosides and 2.68mg of of ginkgolides and bilobalide.
It’s kinda expensive at $12 (AUD) a bottle for 50 tablets, especially if you are supposed to take at least 3 a day (and that doesn’t even come close to the amount that you recommend). I suppose I’m gonna have to look into that tincture form, especially if I want noticable results.

has anyone tried a ginko tea. I’ve seen one by Yogi Tea. Also, to the original author, when do you take the dosage (morning/night). I think this will be interesting to see if ginko can help me LD, as i’ve been trying for some time with minimal luck.

I have used ginkgo. :cool: I didn’t notice any difference in dreams, but i fell asleep a lot faster, because i didn’t have to wait half an hour for my feet to heat up! It is supposed to enhance memory though, so it could be worth a try.

Hey Julie, whuddup Girl?

Biloba huh, that sounds cool. I never got into a normal habit of taking that stuff for more than a week. There is some in the house and i’m about to sleep, so i’ll go have it. :smile:
I’ve never been completely lucid before but my dream recall is very high (like 80%).
I’ll report back.

thanks for the tip! you’re helpful!
peace out yall

I took 2 capsules 1 hour before bed and i didn’t notice any differece in recall or experience, shame. I will have to persue this ginkgo treatment and maybe i will start to notice results in a week or 2.

I’ve been taking Ginko for 4 days now. Last night I had my first real LD ever. (a few times i’ve been close but not quite there) I’m not sure if it was the Ginko that got me lucid or other factors, but i’m sure it didn’t hurt. thank you to the person who suggested trying this.

Hi Enki’s Circus,
what was it like your first LD and what were the other factors you tried, also is the Ginko any good.