God D***** another FLD(False LD)

Last night, I shit you not, I was walking around in the dream telling myself “i’m in a dream”. I tried to control the environment before moving any higher in the stages of lucidity, and the dream kind of bent to my will. For example, I tried to get 3 jets to fly over the horizon, but instead I got 3 super large beer bottles with wings. The whole FLD felt like a 3rd person ND inspired by my will :cry: .

Its been like 5 months trying to LD and this is my 4th FLD, any ideas besides keep doing RC’s and dream journaling?

P.S. I will eventually get an LD, its inevitable :content: .

look up a lot of things about mantras, visualization, and intent. Come to the site more and think about lucid dreaming more. The whole time that you write in your DJ, do your mantra so that you get the two connected in your head. Sleep 8 hours a night. etc. There are a lot of things to do to get more awareness and more lucidity. If you need any more specifics, I would recommend asking more specific questions. Be extremely excited and addicted about everything! Read Exploring the World of Lucid Dreams by Stephen Laberge or Are You Dreaming by Daniel Love. Read, read, read. Learn about LDing and don’t be stressed. Talk to people here and learn from them, create lots of friendships to keep you from falling away from LDing.

It sounds to me like you have already had a lucid dream, since you apparently realized you were in a dream.

Also, try to see successes instead of failures.
It’s a little too common among beginners to focus on what they did not succeed with, and that’s a pretty discouraging attitude.
Focus on what you have been able to do compared to a very typical ND instead.