Going into SP/WILDs

When trying (I’ve never actually done it) to get a WILD through SP, I get this wierd but pleasent sensation. People describe it feeling like your falling, or wierd vibrations, and other stuff like that. I’ve never felt that. For me, it feels like waves of numbness are washing over me. I say ‘numbness’ for lack of a better word, but really the feeling is that I can’t feel a single musle in my body, my head is fuzzy (and this other wierd feeling I can’t describe that increases until the ‘wave’ is gone), and I feel like I’m completely bodyless. Why do I feel this, and what can I expect when I actually do get into full SP? If it feels like the ‘wave’ just stays and never leaves, that’ll be pure torture. That feeling that I get in my head grows and grows and eventually I’ll feel like I’m about to explode. But then again, I’m willing to go through that if it means I get a LD. :tongue:

I’ve never actually gotten to full SP. So how do you think I should do it? Usually I just lose focus. But, I think that if I somehow try to anchor that feeling, I might be able to get into full SP. What do you think?

What exactly is an SP

Oh sleep paralysis?

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This sounds like a full SP :tongue:

I also never had a sucsessful WILD (maybe cause I do not try often)
But that sensation is what I think Sp is and how I experience it.

My problem is that I am unsure about HI because I never had it envolving to a constant stream or scene. At some point I lose focus or “blackout” to sleep, maybe because nothing went on or I don´t know what to do further…

It’s not, because that feeling only comes in short waves. I can still move my body otherwise.