Going through a dry patch.

From October to late january, i was having loads of WILDs and DILDs. Since then i haven’t had a single one.

The odd thing is that everything in my waking life has improved. I’m eating well, i get more exercise, my sleep schedule is more regular, i don’t take any drugs… And yet my dreams are shallow, easily disruptable, and never lucid.

Another odd thing is that i dream every single night now, and dream recall has improved significantly.

An example of how shallow my dreams are: Last night i was having a dream, and at one point i was brushing my teeth. When i spat out all the toothpaste, i spat out a big pile of saliva in real life onto my pillow.

Disgusting, I know, but it’s the sort of thing that probably shouldn’t be happening.

Anybody ever experience something similar?

I think your main problem is that your waking life has changed dramatically as you said. You know that you need a regular and calm sleep schedule for best efficiency and I think its just a matter of time till your body has adapted to your news schedule and you will experience many new LDs :wink:
As you said you have much better dream recall now, this should help you in this instance.

Good luck :content:

It’s not all bad. If your recall is improved, it means at least part of you is already adapted to the changes and working better. Just wait for a while, read some fantastic stuff, get your brain busy with new ideas and I suppose you’ll have good dreams in no time.