Going through mirrors

Yeah i would of panicked too much to be able to do something lol.
Especially if it seemed really real.

Don’t say “this looks real”. If you do, chances are you will believe it IS real (in dreams, when a thing “looks” like another thing, it’s likely to be replaced by what you expect). And when you say “this looks real”, you somehow expect it to be real.
No, you should simply say “this is a dream”. A short sentence, but effective, and right to the point.

mirrors are very hard for me to go through

but if i stare at them sometimes they create scenes on the other side, and then i just go into the scene as if my current one disappears.

Ohh thats cool, i’ll have to try that. In nearly all of my Lucid Dreams there is a mirror, but i end up just looking at my reflection and then forgetting what i am doing :eek:
Which is really stupid

Stricken, that sounds like a really cool dream. I can totally understand how you would get stricken with fear. It was a surprise, and you are not used to the experience. No matter how much you theorise about it while awake, you don’t know what the experience is like until you have it. And I can imagine that to be a scary thing to see.
Although I have fought with zombies in lucid dreams before and was not at all afraid.
I’d urge you not to shy away from such experiences in the future. It may be fun if you set out to do it, and you can develope fearlessness of dream images. The question is, do you want to?

I was curious about mirriors in lucid dreams. I read on one sight that it can be a good reality check in a dream, but i read on another sight you should avoid them as what you see in the reflection could be frightning and wake you up. I had a normal dream last night where i looked in the mirror, but i looked normal except my hair was slightly shorter.

And on a side note, the more dreams that i remember the better i’ll get at recalling my dreams, right? I seem to only remember them if i wake up in the night.

I’ve never been frightened by a mirror reflection in a lucid dream. I only remember looking in one once and i had a massive beard. I’ve always wanted to walk through a mirror in a lucid dream.

Mirrors can be really fun! Try out different styles by looking and looking away repeatedly and expect a new look every time! Experiment! See if you can make specific changes! Try to see the change happening! I was once startled by my image in the mirror, but I ended up laughing until I woke up. It was well worth it.
You know what, next time I’m lucid I’m going to look for a mirror.

I doubt you’ll wake up because of your reflection. The reason that your hair was shorter was because it usually takes a while for your dream body to catch up with your real one.

The best way to remember more dreams is to keep a dream journal. You remember dreams better when you wake up in the middle of the night because dreams are easier to recall if you wake up during REM.

I haven’t done much mirror stuff for awhile… but here are some things i have found:

  1. A very angry lawyer woman
  2. I think once I found a Simpsons character…

Unfortunately most of the time I go through the miror I get nothing but blackness… how sad. :cry:
How can I resolve that?

And what have you found?

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well for me, mirrors are pathways to other places, dimensions etc… I never really pay much attention to my reflection… but everytime I see a mirror that first thing I try to do is to walk through it. You will appear in places you would never expect, its really fun!

The only time I can recall trying to look in a mirror in an LD, I couldn’t see much of anything because it looked like it was foggy… I could only see part of my body if I was really close to it. In my NDs, mirrors usually show some variation of my reflection… sometimes they show a normal reflection, while other times, it’s distorted. I’ve never seen anything particularly frightening in a mirror, at any rate.

I rarely pass mirrors in dreams, but I remember a dream where I was in front of the mirror and the reflection of me showed someone else. I did an RC then examined myself, its fun to look on yourself on a mirror :tongue:

:hmmm: that depends how strong your psychic mind is. And I also think that some are frightened, others not :cool:

It has never worked for me because my brain cannot process the fact the mirror isn’t solid anymore. When I teleport though I get blackness too…

I’ve tried going through mirrors in about 3 of my LDs, every time I just bump into it… :neutral:

I encountered this problem the first time I tried this, so I closed my eyes and tried to feel my fingers move through the glass like it were liquid. Eventually it worked and I was able to absorb my full body into the mirror. Though it is a bit cold, and I wouldn’t recommend it for the claustrophobic/hydrophobic, it was a fairly interesting experience. :grin:

If anyone was curious, I have tried this several times since my first attempt, with much better results than the first time. No more LD attempts while thinking of silent hill for me. :bored:

The one-time I went through a mirror in a LD I performed a back-flip to jump in it and ended up in darkness, and then a picture began to form, of a lady with purple hair and melancholic face standing in a woods. (tried finding a purple smiley to go with this and found this–> :cookiemon: and this :crying: The last one is better)

I’ve gone through a mirror twice. The first time, I went straight through it as if it were a painting in Super Mario 64, but I just ended up back in my bathroom. I tried it again the next time I got a lucid dream and this time the mirror shattered and I still ended up right back in my bathroom. Can somebody tell me what I’m doing wrong?

I have one recorded dream of where I went through a mirror, around 1999, and it was just this great void. Pure nothingness.

Mirrors are very liquidy in my dreams. The one I went all the way through I ended up in some little shop.