goon night

good night everyone, im off to try for my 3rd time to have a lucid dream, its like 9:00, wish me luck

What methods are you using?

im thinking about using the midnight alarm clock one, last night i just tried to use my mind and nothing else, and i failed a lot, so im hoping this one will work

Yeah try some WBTB after about 4 and a half hours of sleep then try MILD or WILD your chances are really very good if you do that.

and im going for a more spiritual ld, like being out in the middle of a forest using magic or something, none of that “modern” stuff, i get enough of that when im awake lol

No those are methods of getting a lucid dream. . . lets work on just getting one (let alone having it be more than a few seconds first :smile: ) first. kay?

yeah, yeah i know, im talking about later, when i can do that

I suggest fighting shadow ninjas thats always makes for a good LD

i started this topic yesterday, its now 10:30 pm, and im gonna try to go to sleep again, i failed at lucid dreaming eyt again last night, lets hope i can do it tonight