Got Really Close to 1st WILD

Hello i’m a newbie to LDing and this forum, but last night i was practicing WILD, and i got really close, i had all the right milestones down like feeling a vibration and a sense of floating, , but when this started to happen my breathing got really shallow, and i felt like i would choke to death, i tried to ignore my shallow breathing as i read before that feeling a choking sensation comes naturally during WILD. But as i kept lying there i couldn’t help but control my breathing again and breathed in a big gulp of air and from there i had to quit cause i was just too tired to keep trying. Oh yeah also for a while during the choking i had a sensation like there was a big heavy hole (if it makes sense to you :tongue: ,) on my chest and lungs and it felt like it was absorbing my lungs. I guess i could i also say i couldn’t really feel my lungs at that point but i still could feel the sense of choking. So to all you veterans of WILDing, how do i get past this obstacle of shallow breathing and choking?

— and embarrassed as i am to say it, i have been practicing WILD for over 6 months now with no hint of success, well up until now :smile:

I tried WILD for the first time a few nights ago. I’m pretty much in the same situation you described. I felt some vibrations and had the sensation that I was floating, as well as the odd jerk in a muscle group (which I think is the body checking if I’m asleep yet… I did not move in the hope that I would enter SP). However, I kept getting a build up of saliva in my mouth, which I ignored but eventually made me swallow as a reflex. I had no control over it, just every 5 minutes or so my throat swallowed the saliva. Is this normal?

PS I was trying for almost exactly an hour before I gave up, the time literally flew by lol. Only seemed like 20 minutes.

There is nothing embarrassing or even surprising about having worked with WILD for six months and not having much in the way of results. It took me 3-5 months to get to the point where I could have LD’s consistently and this was with a ruthless, dogged, determination. I would often times set my alarm clock every few hours so if I failed I could have another go and in addition I spent at least a couple hours each day doing some of the mental exercises that LaBerge outlines in EWLD.

Lucid dreaming is a process, it can take anywhere from a few months to many years to become consistent, depending on natural ability, determination, availability of time etc. Keep up the work however, try and remember what led you to the WILD/SP experience you had like what your attitude was like, what you’re mental state was, how/where were your thoughts directed etc. As you continue to practice you’ll start to feel what works for you and be able to WILD more consistently.